Cannot download Brave for Windows 7

Brave will not download on my Win 7. System details attached. I have tried 2 files. BraveBrowserSetup-BLO342.exe from and BraveBrowserSetup.exe from (64 bit version). In both cases I get a grey box that opens and says “connecting to the internet” with a progress bar that never starts…so nothing happens (attached). After a few minutes it fails, and the dialog box reads “Unable to connect to the internet. If you use a firewall please whitelist BraveUpdate.exe” (attached). I did this to no avail. Also I have read previous posts, so tried shutting off my Avast Antivirus. No help. Disconnected and reconnected internet. Nope. Not sure what else to do. Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

Have you tried closing the existing Brave browser after it starts the install?

EDIT: Yes, I see that you are using FF, but it may be stuck in Task Manager.

Same here :confused:

Dude @hutchman , try to uninstall any antivirus into your system and try install again.

Hi thanks, but I do not have Brave existing.

Hi, thanks. I just want to check before I try that. I already tried disabling the antivirus but it still didn’t work. Is there any specific reason to actually uninstall it? How would that change things? Thanks.

It may be Windows firewall that’s flagging the installer. Check to see if anything is being blocked in your OS settings.
(For Win7): Start --> Control Panel --> System and Security --> Windows Firewall

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Hi thanks, but as I noted in my original post, I allowed it , and when that didn’t work I also just temporarily shut down the firewall. Still no dice.

Update: I have successfully installed Yandex browser with Firewall up, and Antivirus on, so it thing else with Brave?

Can you tell me what file exactly was flagged?
Additionally, you may have better luck with our stand alone (offline) installer:

Hi thanks, will try this. I’m not super familiar with this though. You mean download the binary file directly? Went to the github link but what file should i download exactly and what is the procedure? Thanks.

Sorry for the extra late reply!

If you’re running Windows 10, you’re likely looking for this guy:

The process will be the same as installing anything else – the only difference is that this particular installer has everything required to install that version (v0.64.77) without needing to fetch anything from the internet.

Let me know if this works for you or if you have any further questions.

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Awesome thanks! But no I am using Win 7… Which file do I need?

Thats my mistake. Please use the BraveBrowserStandaloneSetup32.exe option.

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@hutchman 5 days ago our server crashed. For few hours the builds were not served. You should try again with the installer from

Excellent. It worked! Thanks.