Youtube has a white screen on mobile phone (Android)

Youtube has a white screen on mobile phone (Android). I can hear the sound but that’s it, I’ve read other topics about this bug, which suggest to turn off hardware acceleration, but I can’t find that option in Brave browser on my android phone (version 9). Help please, I really like Brave browser, been using it for years, and this never happened to me before. On pc, Brave browser works perfectly fine with youtube, it’s only with my phone that give the white screen. I can see the thumbnails and everything but when i play a video the screen turn white.

Try disabling brave shields.

Thanks for you reply but it doesn’t work. And it enables the ads and that’s what I really don’t want. It’s one of the reasons I use Brave browser, to get rid of the ads.

Try installing brave beta or nightly and see if you have the same issue their too.

Also, is your app up to date?

I tried clearing the cookies and browser history but that doesn’t work. After that I re-installed Brave but that didn’t help either. I’m now installing Brave Beta…

… just installed Beta and Nightly but still the same problem :anguished:
All other websites work perfectly fine, it’s only with youtube when playing a video. Sound plays but screen goes white. All my apps are up to date

Can you share a screenshot?

I just tried google Chrome and it has the same problem, audio but white screen. Only when I use the official Youtube app, video’s play normal. But with browsers the screen turns white.

Try switching to desktop mode and see if it still persists.

Same problem with desktop mode

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@Evan123 can you take a look at this.

Same here on android brave app updated 1.64 . What did you do brave? I tried everything, delete cache, reinstalled, removed shields. With no avail. Since last update. On chrome and youtibe it works well. Only o Brave, brave nightly. Only in youtube, maybe is youtube the culprit?

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Same here and i have tried everything, still white

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I have it on all browsers, Chrome as well. So I think the problem must be Youtube, OR maybe there’s a problem with my android device because on pc Brave browser works perfectly fine.
I hope the problem will be solved with the next update(s), cause I really hate those ads.

Have you tried clearing your browser history?

Yes, but that did not help

Have you tried using another phone, because if youtube works on other phones, then the problem is probably your phone.

Hey i had the same problem but after clearing my cookies and turning off Leo it started working again. Leo is the AI its in the settings.

Hi everyone,
I tried on different websites like twitch or dailymotion to play videos and they work perfectly. So, I suppose the problem comes from Youtube.

Same problem here.
I’ve found out that using the desktop version of youtube in the Brave app on Android 9 somewhat mitigates the white screen problem without having to disable Shields, but makes it a pain to use.
It looks to me like it’s a script blocking issue that either Brave developed recently or, more likely, Youtube added to annoy us out of pure spite.