Options for not verified pearson before sunsetting vBATs

So as the title reads, what are the options for me before sunsetting vBATs? I live in Bulgaria and currently neither gemini or uphold are supported. Strangly they were 4-5 months back if I remember correctly(I didnt connected then, because I want to have a little more BATs and after that to move them).

What is the reason that caused them to unsupport so many countries and then painfully slow(for users) to get them back supported? Are they “team work” with Brave to easy remove users and steal their virtual BATs? I want to be believe that this is just conspiracy theory… I really want.

Anyway, now I got an idea - can I move my vBATs to Brave wallet? I know I cannot withdraw them just like uphold or gemini, but if they are stored in Brave wallet I can link it to an exchange(Binance or whichever allows Brave wallet) and then I can swap them for fiat money or other crypto. Will this work?
Or atleast to store my vBATs safely(because I have high doubts that uphold or gemini will be back supported just in time in Bulgaria) in my wallet and then wait for Brave team to implement KYC.


If your country is not supported you cannot do anything. Unfortunately.

However you can use your vBAT to tip Creators before April. That’s the only thing you can do with the stuck vBAT. If you know any friend who is a Creator, your friend will welcome your tips.

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So I cant move them to Brave wallet and just store them?

They have officially confirmed that they are going to steal the BATs and repeat the procedure again.

Brave rewards team is working tirelessly, hence they have the right to steal some amount of BAT tokens.

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What do you mean by repeat the procedure?
I’ll stop using rewards altogether. Not trusting them anymore.

Since, they will launch the scheme again after taking away the vBATS

You can only move them to the Brave Wallet via a custodial partner like Uphold. This is due to regulations. You can only withdraw any funds if you do KYC. To avoid money laundering and tax evasion.

How strange is that today I opened https://wallet.uphold.com/signup and just for curiosity and I was able to select Bulgaria from the drop-down menu. Will that means that I can create and connect wallet to my rewards?

Having a Uphold wallet is still supported in most regions. The only difference is that of counties supported to connect to brave rewards are different and listed at

This all are excuses to steal our BATs.

No one is stopping them to keep the vBATS (already earned, you can stop giving new BATs) as it is and allow them to withdraw whenever in future, KYC regulations in place.

I am 110% sure. They will launch almost all the countries after setting vBATs in April.

Mark my words and thank me later.


Ok then, but if I am free to create a new wallet through uphold website, why Brave are not allowing us to connect to uphold? Generally its quite confusing for me… @Mattches we need answers!

@sasho9522 There’s a bunch of countries that should be getting added soon. Not sure if Bulgaria is one of them. But I do know countries like Croatia were mentioned. Last updated, they were waiting for some changes on Uphold’s side. It’s never a quick and easy fix to get countries reinstated on both sides. Hopefully I’ll know more about this after the Community Call tomorrow.

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Thank you for your reply! I really appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face: because it seems that you’ve got info from Brave or someone else. There were a thread created by you. As for Croatia if its true, then why Bulgaria wont be in the list? I mean both countries are from the Balkans and Balkans were removed from uphold.

There’s different government rules & regulations affecting this perhaps?
Also could be if there’s more fraud / scams from one region than in the other.

Yea, that was shared by Brave. In fact, I can link to below:

I know in conversation, they had wanted it all to be added back then, so about 2 weeks ago. But as you can see, that hasn’t happened. They used to try to give a lot of estimated timelines, but none of them ever worked. So now they’ve been a bit more silent on it and just telling people they are working on it. Just is a lot of stuff outside of their control.

That’s why I said I’m assuming it might be part of it when it’s added. As to why it wouldn’t be added if it’s not, that would be because Uphold has some issue where they are not yet allowing it. But we are waiting to find out. I just don’t want to tell you it will or won’t if I don’t know. And I try my best not to ever give false hope. This is why I tell you what I know and leave it at that.


So, any Idea what about Germany? Actually none of your Partners (Gemini / Uphold / Bitflyer) supporting us. Are we going to have a chance to claim our collected BAT or are they lost?

Is there any news for my case?
I am Italian resident, but German citizen. So, I used my German passport for the Uphold signup and verified with my Italian home insurance bill.
From Uphold’s side, they told me that it is no problem, but Brave seems not to accept this, for whatever reason.
Is there any possibility that Brave will change that?

Honestly, nobody has any clue about Germany. Brave is working on new partner but they haven’t been able to reveal much about them and what countries they’d be adding. The only hint given is that India would be able to be added again when the new partner is in place. But we still don’t know if that’s days, weeks, months, or even years away from happening.

That’s a question they can’t answer. All they say is they are sincerely trying to make it happen. However, the reality is that there will be some countries that won’t make it. They are doing what they can, though with many limitations because they will have to rely on other companies, such as exchanges.

This is because the API established by Uphold relays information to Brave on your location based on your passport or other ID. It doesn’t go by your address or anything. So all Brave can see is that your Uphold profile is complete and you submitted a document from Germany, therefore your country is Germany.

Only way is to submit passport or other official government photo ID (such as a driver’s license) from Italy and to have your country chosen as Italy for Brave Rewards. (if update ID but had selected Germany for country, then would have to reset Rewards otherwise would get country mismatch error)

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@Kay146 Just FYI, where I flagged your comment. What you’re proposing is a violation of Terms. Putting aside the idea of circumventing restrictions, the other issue is people offering those types of deals have also done it to “scam” people out of their BAT by making the promise they would forward it but then keep it all themselves.

So yeah, for both reasons, not appropriate.

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