What i can do with bat token if uphold and gemini is not available in my country?

what i can do with bat token if uphold and gemini is not available in my country ?
i live in indonesia , :smiley:
can we send bat to an exchange?

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You can donate your BAT earnings to your favorite content creators.

You must have either Uphold or Gemini to send BATs to an exchange.
Sadly, there is no third option.

can i register uphold or gemini with vpn? heheh do we need kyc ?

No idea about VPN but KYC is compulsory to withdraw or send funds. So, I don’t think VPN will help,

So, if we live in a country that Uphold or Gemini don’t support; there is nothing we can do? Even if we link our metamask wallet to brave?

sadly yes, we can only donate our token to content creator /websites
to bad , :frowning:

Doesn’t linking my brave wallet (on browser) to metamask allow me to collect my rewards?

is it work ? are you already try it?

no that is not possible.

So any roadmap for brave to go in the “other countries”?

not that I’m informed about. finding exchanges that meet the necessary regulations for custodial services isn’t easy.

btw someone mail me , if i contibute to his site , he will give 30% funds back ,
is that legal ? i mean , are brave allowed it ?

Only simple answer is unistalling and leaving this f*ucking da sht site if you are out of Us! You will always panic!

where do youlive ? sory bad englis h

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