Brave Rewards without Gemini or Uphold

Hello everyone!

I am from Azerbaijan and there is no option for me register in Uphold or Gemini. They are not supported in my country yet. I started earning BATs through Brave Rewards but do not know how I can withdraw it without using Gemini or Uphold account. Is there any possible solutions to get my BATs to Coinbase or Binance or somewhere else? Or maybe can I trade them to the Etherium or something else? What can I do with these BATs?


Right now there’s nothing to do about this. You might be able to once, Uphold and Gemini support your country. Also Brave says they’re working with a third Custodial wallet provider that could be releasing by Q2 2023.


Thanks for information :+1:t2:

You can tip verified Creators or you can save them until your region is supported. Brave does have another custodial partner they are finalizing agreements with and building connections to. Eventually more details will be given to Users. There are also some changes coming to how Rewards are stored and what can be done with them, though they still will require a custodial partner (such as Gemini or Uphold) to remove BAT to your bank or to send to others. This won’t change as it’s a government requirement.

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