No more Uphold or Gemini, how to claim our BAT?

I am in a country where Gemini is not allowed. I was using Uphold until today and now they don’t support my country.

How can I do it? I feel like Brave Rewards doesn’t mean much if we can’t claim our earnings.

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My suggestion is, that you take steps to be certain that vBAT that are due to you, will accumulate in your Brave Browser installation > Profile, in which, you have Brave Rewards Enabled.

@Saoiray or @Aman_M might show up, here, with those detailed steps.

The latest, detailed info re Supported and Un-Supported Regions:

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@Multu14200 With the new regional restrictions as mentioned by 289wk, you can’t withdraw your BAT.

However, you can still claim your rewards and continue to accumulate it in Browser as vBAT. Later as and when restrictions are removed, you will be able to withdraw them.

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So in short, we accumulate our BATs until we forget that we accumulate BATs and one day we format our computer/reinstall Brave and lose everything.

Not great.


So we’re f*ck? :face_holding_back_tears: man I dont whant to stop using brave browser but what is the point if I can claim my rewards.


I think so. I’m pointing to your answer as the solution, until we hear back from the Brave team.

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