Uphold not an option, thanks, I'll loose all my BAT$

I hesitated to register on Uphold (the only option to receive my collected BAT$ in my region) waiting and hoping you would add more options, you didn’t and now that you’re forcing us to else we’ll loose all our collected BAT$ I went ahead and tried to register an account at Uphold, after they collected my full name, home address, and phone number, I verified my email address only to get: “We can’t continue to offer you an account
We’re sorry for the trouble but we sometimes have to make difficult decisions based on the available information.”
Wow, wtf??! I barely even finished registering an account and they already closed it? no explanation. These are the unreliable and untrustworthy platforms you’re partnering with and forcing on us. Well, now I’ll loose all the BAT$ I had collected by using your browser plus now Uphold’s got all my personal information while refusing to ever give me any service in exchange, thank(f) you very much.

Is your Brave Rewards Profile currently verified? no

Are you using a VPN? no

Are you in a supported region? Supposedly yes, México.


I feel ya bro. I’ve tried multiple times with different crypto exchanges and can never get past the identification stage. Saw I would lose my BAT and decided to give it a try with Uphold, hoping theirs would actually work. Just like with the other exchanges, I can make an account, but can’t get it to verify.
Oddly, for such a common problem, there doesn’t seem to be much support. It’s frustrating “having” BAT, but it’s impossible to actually get to it. It seems possible at first, but nope! Not a lot of heads up for something so time consuming and frustrating to set up. Getting these accounts set up and connecting them seems actually impossible though so I guess it’s better to lose it and move on than spend months trying to get it to work.


Oh, that sucks, I hadn’t had an issue with other exchanges before, and unlike in your case with Uphold I couldn’t even finish registering my account when it had already been closed… :exploding_head: , didn’t do anything that I wouldn’t be allowed to to provoke that :man_shrugging:t4:, I guess better right away than later when I could have had money in it and loose it, still I’m venting my experience so other people may know the thrash platform Uphold seems to be so they think twice before using it. I wish you have better luck next time with your CEXes ventures.

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I can’t help out with the issue… But I am willing to accept your BAT into my Uphold acc and then transfer/it out via a cheaper network to a wallet you own. I know this is easily considered to be a risk, but with only words here I will say as long as it’s more than the fees that uphold will enforce(transferring) I am willing to assist.

It’s so unfair how Brave went about creating BAT via anonymous user utilisation then forced us to connect to an external wallet/exchange providers that require a KYC validation anyway :face_exhaling:


It’s called FRAUD. I turned off auto contributions and my bat still comes in and leaves Uphold back to Brave. Yes the browser is up to date. Yes, forcing auto contributions by default is probably fraudulent. Yes, you should absolutely be investigated. How many users do you do this to? Even one Bat at a whopping 20 cents over 100k times, a million times? My supposed earned BAT goes poof…every month.

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