Why do you use Brave?

Just wondering why people use brave, I started to use if for its security and the ability to collect BAT, now that this seems to have stopped working I am reconsidering if the browser is of any use to me.

There seems to be no resolution on the issue that the service no longer offers ad’s or the ability to collect rewards.

Just wondering if anyone thinks the service is still useful in the absence of brave rewards?

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Don’t be so close minded,
It is far far better than any other browsers, it’s has best features like blocking - ads, trackers etc no other browsers can do that, many reports suggest that other browsers steal users data, cookies and sell to advertisers companies to show focused Ads ( that you have seen while browsing) and making millions with our data, in the end we get NOTHING.
Although brave rewards is most innovative initiative directly beneficial to their user, rather than that it has useful features like ads blocking and much imp Privacy.


It’s a shame about BAT, Uphold and the likes but Brave is the better browser. Security and privacy both a must in this modern age of surveillance and lack of privacy. BAT was a welcome added bonus, but shouldn’t be the main reason you use the browser.


I don’t think this is a closed minded question at all, the very fact that I am asking this question shows an open minded attitude. To say that its far better than any other browser is of course a bit of an overstatement and a little biased. Better in what way? Something can either be suitable for the individuals needs or not, what is better for one person may not be the same for another.

When a product comes to the market with promises of redefining an experience or use case scenario, then the very least that should happen is to receive clear and transparent information from the company who supplies the product.

I like many of the features of Brave, however this is not entirely unique or game changing with regards to privacy. I can also accept that sometimes features of a product may not work completely, or may even be withdrawn, in these cases however I would at least like to see a clear line of communications form the product developer.

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As your question why do you use Brave? I guss your are asking opinion on community,
it’s not mandatory that you’re opinions will meet to others and it might be based on your perspective what is your priority Performance, Privacy or Rewards!
My comment was based on Fact, because I was used other browsers for a decades, no one has promising features like ads blocking and privacy,
and you are asking opinion in open platform, so one mind should be to open accept every opinion, it might suits you or not.


I’m really not sure what are trying to say here, your reply was not very cohesive.

I an interested in peoples opinions, regardless of if I agree with them or not. The only thing I don’t agree with, as I clearly mentioned in my response, was your comment of:

*Don’t be so close minded,*

It seems like you may have an issue with anyone who disagrees with your own opinion, or maybe you are simply looking for confirmational bias of your own decisions. Is it really closed mindedness when a person doesn’t maybe agree with your choices? I don’t think so.

When you say your comment was based on fact, well this is not quite true. You comment was based upon your subjective experience, nothing more. I completely accept that this is your own experience, and this is what I am interested in, so thank you for sharing that, but lets at least try to keep the conversation relevant to the discussion at hand.


Yeah I agree it is a shame about the BAT, I kinda thought this was a good idea, simply as I could give the BAT to blogs and support content makers. Without this though, there are other browsers that offer a secure and private environment, some that I think are better, and other that are not quite as good.


Just rolling in here, if you have an issue @pace , can you please make a new thread detailing your issue? Or if you have already, can you DM the link to that thread?

I’m more than willing to help in anyway I can.

All the best,


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I discovered Brave by accident, but nevertheless decided to try it. After reading it, I decided to give it a go and I think what captivated me was the privacy, lack of (bad) ads, no Youtube disruptions and I really liked seeing my bandwith saved and blocked trackers. Even if the rewards system goes away i would still use it. Because I really like the feel of it and knowing it has privacy away from Google.

But seriously the ads have actually helped me learn quite a bit and discover new things. Like Frey laundry soap or 1440 unbiased news.


Even I think it’s time to change the browser change to bromite it privacy friendly and open source and doesn’t have soo many bugs a
Like brave and soo less people as support team not available to resolve any issue

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Security is incredible and the ability to collect BAT is a very nice bonus, but I simply prefer it because it is way faster than other browsers. Chrome, Safari they are soooo slow, I have never had a bad experience browsing with brave, so I stay with it, but I understand that we all have different opinions.

I have had issues with brave rewards, but I understand this whole project is still under development and they will be resolved over time. Even then, I stick to using brave because all of the other benefits.


General perspection not made in 1 day, that why on the basis of facts and analysis the particular image is formed of a product rather than individual experience,
Stick back to your question, you are saying that why people use Brave? you are not telling your individual experience, you can’t campare your Personal experience with all people as you said so,
Every one has its own preferences,
and i also don’t want my opinions to be correct nor I had any issues with anyone, for more you can recheck what you post in your first writing then it would be more clear about the subject.


Same thing i was saying,
most peoples are complaining about Rewards and neglecting all other essential features.


Most people use brace because of its reward platform
And the support team is not able to resolve the one major problem in its platform that leaves a very bad impact
People can see the whole community everyone has some problem with the rewards
Same for me I am not able to withdraw my bats in my uphold since 20 days and no proper responce from the team till now
As a privacy friendly browser there are much better alternatives available in market
And trust me they are soo much better
Chromium base bromite is the best example


without BAT, a lot of content creators will suffer. Brave blocks the ads on their website, and the only way we can at least give is by giving them Bat tokens. So BAT is not a shamed


Let’s be honest… they dont

I agree, I really like Brave, but the only really thing it offered that was different to other secure browsers was the ability to reward content creators.

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If the BAT reward system was to be removed all together, would you still continue to use Brave, or would you also consider other options. I will personally keep brave installed for now as I do like the project, but I don’t think it will be my main browser.

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I appreciate the speed and privacy benefits of Brave, but what I’m really interested in is the BAT system - because it rewards users and creators, without enriching Big Tech.

Also, the decentralised web stuff sounds interesting too, assuming it’s truly able to survive government / corporate manipulation and censorship.

Brave developers - please keep up the good work


I would really like to respond to your comment but I am really not understanding what you are trying to say. I’ll make myself extremely clear here so there is no mis-understanding.

I have absolutely no issue with how you choose to see brave, or upon your experiences of it. It was exactly the type of feedback I was looking for.

I do have an issue with your lack of communication skills, specifically when you deem a person closed minded when they don’t agree with you. Maybe this is simply your level of communication, nevertheless a certain level of respect should be offered to all people, regardless of their opinions, I believe I have offered you this level of respect from the very outset and I shall continue to do so, but I will also challenge you if you reply with comments that do not honor the respect I offer you.

I hope this is clear enough for you to understand. Thank you for your comments and I am happy that you have found a browser that you are passionate about.

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