Brave running slow, crashing

The last few days, Brave has been running very slowly and crashing often. It seems to be taking up an inordinate amount of resources, too.

I’ve noticed that it seems to slow down gradually, i.e., when first opening the browser, it isn’t working too bad, but over time, it slows down, then begins to fail to load pages, then crashes. Some websites seem to be making things worse, especially Twitter.

I’ve tried restarting the browser and my system, more than once, with no effect. To my knowledge, the rest of my PC is running fine, and I haven’t updated anything recently. I’m running Windows 10, v. 1909, and Brave Version 1.18.70 Chromium: 87.0.4280.101 (Official Build) (64-bit).

I saw something similar in other threads, but didn’t see any solutions proferred. I’ve attached a screenshot of the Windows and Brave Task Managers: please note that in the screenshot, I was running a freshly opened single window of Brave with only one tab open, on the “New tab” screen, i.e., I hadn’t loaded any websites. I have no idea why Windows Task Manager said there were 7 instances of Brave running.

Normally I have a shitload of tabs open, and Brave copes with that fine. My best guess is that a recent browser update is bugging out; I note that I started seeing the “Tips” button from the Brave rewards program a few days ago, which might be related. (I’ve disabled it, but the problem persists.)

Please let me know if there’s any more information I can provide.


I’ve got this same issue, and it started Sunday. Memory usage is off the charts (see attachments). There’s no way a browser with three tabs open should do this.

I’ve noticed that sometimes brave uses lots of RAM but I generally have lots of tabs open so that makes at least a little sense. But, I use an extension that suspends tabs that are inactive after a certain amount of time which should help. Occasionally I check the Brave Task Manager which reads that GPU Process and the Browser process each take huge amounts of RAM all the time no matter what I’m doing. A few minutes ago GPU Process hit about a gig of RAM.

Brave eventually (5 to 10 min) bogs down and crashes. Everything was working fine until Sunday.

Also my experience, I started a separate thread recently about this happening after the latest update.

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So, what happens now? Me and all these people have this problem: does anybody from Brave ever get in touch to try and fix it?

Also, I’m getting replies to this via e-mail that aren’t appearing on the thread itself. Not sure why.

This is the same issue:

I am experiences a very slow loading process on gmail, google drive, and all other google apps running through Brave. Sometimes required to reload page.

Windows features are very quick and responsive in loading that are not associated with Brave.

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