Brave Freezing then coming back after 10 sec and then freezes up again rinse and repeat

yo brave has become unusable for me it freezes up very often while everything else is working fine its not a ram or hardware acceleration issue and i cant figure out whats causing it. im on the latest standard release

Hey @CathRtic ! Welcome to the community :smiley:

Do you have any extensions installed? Can you try disabling them to see if performance improves?

If not can you please take a screenshot of the built in Task Manager (found in Menu Icon → More Tools → Task Manager) and open any of the processes that have sub processes.

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hey sorry for the late reply i was out of the house but here you go any idea what it could be?

also i just removed ublock origin and Grammarly extensions to see if that helps

You have a large amount of tabs open, can you try exiting your browser completely to see if anything changes with your experience?


ive compeletly closed everything before lowered the amount of tabs and still freezing, and even with the large amount of tabs my cpu or memory is never maxed out and i have used it like that before for a long time so im highly certain its not that

Can you try disabling all your extensions to see if it makes a difference? I see you have 10 other extensions not including Grammarly and Origin.


ok that worked ill go through each extension one by one to isolate which ones are causing it

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