Brave browser becoming unresponsive on a daily basis

Brave browser is failing to be my preferred browser Brave has been showing signs of negligence these days. The browser takes longer than usual to load. I have screen recorded a video from my laptop yesterday which shows that the Brave browser isn’t opening. Kindly allow me to post the video. Brave devs! Y’all need to fix this thing.

Do you happen to have Brave opened while on sleep/hibernate? I have this issue when Brave is opened for long duration (days or weeks). I would have to close all tabs and reopen Brave to resolve it. Don’t have this issue with Opera so it has to be a Brave problem

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I’ll tag @mattches to assist.
BTW does turning off Hardware acceleration in brave://settings/system help?

No sir, it happens even when I’ve been using the Brave browser actively. I too need to restart my laptop in case the Brave browser becomes unresponsive. I didn’t face this problem a few months ago. I’ve been facing this problem since 3 months.

It doesn’t help that way sir.

Okay mate. Don’t call me sir, please! I’m just 17 yo so lol.
Anyways could you try in a new profile?
If persists, then try in brave beta/Nightly

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i have the same problem

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Sure, I’ll let you know!

Can anyone experiencing this tell me whether or not the sluggishness occurs immediately upon opening the browser or whether or not you need to use the browser for a while before the issue starts happening?

Additionally, I am also interested to know whether or not this occurs in a new browser profile. Lastly, please tell me what version of the browser you are using as well as the OS.

Thank you

I’m facing a similar issue where my browser becomes unresponsive after being open for a while. It gets stuck on a blank screen or the new tab page with a loading icon, and the only solution is to restart the browser. This problem has persisted for a few months now, and even reinstalling Brave or Windows hasn’t resolved it.

I’m currently using Windows 11 23486.1000 Insider Preview version and Brave 1.52.126.

Here what it looks like:

Immediately after taking the screenshot, all the tabs loaded simultaneously, but the issue persisted with new tabs not working. However, capturing another screenshot did not resolve the issue. Even though my Brave browser language is set to Polish, when the issue occurs, it displays “New tab” instead of the expected “Nowa Karta.”

Screenshot 2023-06-24 211613

I made some comments in another Thread about this Problem i thought it would be Extension related but after some Time and no Extensions active, Brave still becomes unresponsive after some Time and it is not really consistent, it happens after 2 or 3 Hours or after 8 to 10 Hours. The only Way you find out is opening a now Page and it stopps loading.

Brave Taskmanager shows nothing and there is no Crash Report it just stops and the only way to fix it, is to restart Brave and it works again.

I was trying to reinstall Brave and a complete new Profile and it still crashes.

I’m still testing but now with Brave Beta to see if there is the same Problem.

Brave Version:
Windows 11 22H2 22621.1848

I have an Update:

I tested Brave Beta now for around ~2 Days. 1 Day with a complete new Profile and now with my existing Profile from my regular Brave Browser.

I had no Problem, everything worked normal no Tab stuck in Loading at anytime i tried everything to bring it to stop working. I opens around 20 Tabs an Hour and nothing.

Brave Beta: (Browser Verision 1.54.76, Apps->Installed Apps shows Version
Windows 11 22H2 22621.1848

For that sir, we need to open multiple tabs in the Brave browser in order to get a slow responsive page. These days, web pages are becoming too unresponsive and some login pages on a web page simply don’t direct me to the home page or other relevant pages. Out of no choice, I have to copy paste the link of that web page’s login page and open it in the Google Chrome or any other web browsers. Kindly look into this by the earliest. Thank you.

To me this sounds like it may just be an issue with built up cache in the browser so clearing your browsing data (Settings --> History --> Clear browsing data) may resolve the issue on it’s own. This would explain why @GhostTwohand did not see the issue in a new profile or when using the Beta. If you are experiencing this issue I would recommend starting with clearing your browsing data — namely Cached images and files.

@manthanavhad1 if you are having issues with specific sites, please open a separate thread with the relevant details.

Thank you.

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