Brave Freezes after some time due to in-activity.

I started using Brave Version 1.20.110 Chromium: 88.0.4324.192 (Official Build) (64-bit) a few days back.

It turned out to be much faster than CHROME. However, it has started freezing when the browser is left idle for some time. It does not matter if 4-5 or 20-30 windows are open. It does the same.

CHROME only had issues with slowing down especially on gmail and youtube but never froze.

Unfortunately, I am considering going back to Brave if the issue remains.

I am using Windows 8.1 64B and there are no issues with my PC temperature. It is in top shape.

go to brave://settings/system. Disable “use hardware acceleration when available” and try it again. Does it make any difference?


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Seems to have made a difference. I will come back on this thread to report further. Thanks. I somehow love the browser and don’t want to go back to CHROME.

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It still freezes due to inactivity and turns black. But I didn’t have to relaunch as few windows were open. Please suggest some other trouble shooting.

Hello, do you have any extension installed? If so, how many?

I did a test run for a few hours.

  • Disabled all 5 extensions (MetaMask, ILovePDF, Print Friendly, Session Buddy)
  • Kept 4 windows open for most of the day
  • Used Chrome instead.

Checked Brave after a few hours and it had turned black and hung as usual. The only option I had was to end sessions via task manager. When I opened Brave again, it gives the option to restore.
I would love to use Brave as it is way faster than Chrome. How do we resolve the issue?

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