Slow GIFS/Videos

Description of the issue:
GIFS and videos take an extremely long time to load, are choppy and more often than not break (stop playing/loading) after a second or two and require a page reload which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. Even after fully loading/caching they do not play smoothly, in a one minute video you might see a total of 30 frames.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Play a GIF or (embedded?) video from any site.

Expected result:

GIF or video plays smoothly.

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Additional Information:

Aside from gifs and videos everything else works fine. Sites with their own players like YouTube or Netflix work fine too, it’s only embedded .mp4s (Imgur, Reddit, etc.) and such that give the problem. Bandwidth is fine, the problem does not exist on FireFox or Chrome. Consistently bad performance 9 times out of 10, every now and then it’ll load everything just fine.

EDIT: I’ve got it narrowed down to Netflix. It’s not a resource issue, it’s not an issue in other browsers - but with Brave, if I’ve got it playing Netflix any other video/animations lags terribly.

  1. Try creating new profiles and see if that’s fixed your issue. If that’s the case, then it mean your main profile have issues.
  2. Disable hardware acceleration. If that fixed your issue, it mean your GPU or the GPU driver have problem with GIF and embedded mp4 players
  3. Disable Brave Shield. If that’s fixed your issue, it mean the ad/tracker blocker or fingerprint protection might cause issues.

If that still doesn’t fix your issue or need guidance in doing so, you may refer to this:

Same issue.

hardware acceleration - on or off, no difference
New/Switch Profile - Single window and multiple window profiles have no effect, still broken videos/gifs
Brave Shield - No effect. In addition, changed the global to allow fingerprinting and other privacy settings. No effect.

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It seems to be any animation, CSS or whatever else that will interrupt the videos.

In my case I narrowed it down to Netflix. If Netflix is running, videos and GIFs lag. It’s not a resource issue, CPU usage is low, plenty of bandwidth, memory, etc. All good there - and it’s not an issue in other browsers either. Brave just doesn’t like to multitask where Netflix is involved.

New profile, shields and hardware acceleration off did not make a difference.

Instantly makes me think it’s a wildvine issue. Because this happens with YouTube and any other site for me

I believe devon is correct in that where wildvine is involved everything else slows down, not sure if it’s a wildvine issue or something else - but it’s definitely related.

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