Youtube channel can't verify

I add my youtube channel on 25/10/22 and it did verified on 2/11/22, but now it appear unverified.
I try this solution ( but it is not working, and after deleting publishers_list file my balance BAT in my browser was reset to 0 (from 1.7 BAT)

This is my youtube channel:
What can I do?

I think this might be because you don’t have a custodial account (Uphold / Gemini account) connected to your account?

I’m from Colombia. I did have uphold account link to publisher brave. My youtube channel did verified and it was received 0.48 BAT tips. But now it appear unverified

Thanks. The Creators team is investigating, and will also be rolling out some fixes very soon around channels that are connected to Uphold not showing up as verified.

@Morillo The Creators team was able to fix your account. Can you check your YouTube channel again? Please press the “refresh” button if it still shows unverified.

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thank you. My channel back to verified.

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