Site Display Lag issues

OK I get the gist but I’d have to study examples if I really wanted to comprehend. It’s like all these various ways of tracking people. I don’t know if I really care at any level because they’re advertising theory is missing its target in a major way IMHO.

I know this is a little off topic here but I’d really like if someone can tell me what’s so scary about tracking people?

I’m not sure why, even if they did a good job of it, it matters. Supposedly the theory goes they want to help you find their product and that’s fine if I’m looking for that type of product. Most of the things people buy on a daily basis aren’t coming from the internet. The daily purchases come from stopping somewhere on the way to work or on the way home. The small staples that we run out of and need to replace.

The bigger purchases I usually research online but the prices are fixed across websites for the most part so it almost comes down to who has the best and cheapest delivery after that if I need it ASAP then I’m looking for a local place to purchase it and price is less of a factor. It’s funny. If I’m searching for something specific to buy I can’t find what I’m looking for because most websites don’t have the correct filtering or sorting or anymore a search that actually returns data related to what I searched on. They’re so worried about selling me something else that they miss the mark on what I want to buy. Look at Amazon, Ebay or any of the others the item details are so polluted with other products half the time I don’t even know which info goes with which product. You can’t do an inline page search if you’re looking for a particular size or wattage or whatever your specifications because any of the 50 items on the page may be the result of that search that isn’t even related to what you’re looking at.

EBay is notorious for putting so many “sponsors” inline with search results it doesn’t appear sorted and also on Amazon but it seems to a lesser degree. Even their software layouts are way too similar for being different store fronts. I’ve tried to explain to them that they’re not doing themselves any favors just from a data transfer when you displaying 50 items on one page that’s a lot of data to load that’s mostly a waste. I’ve tried suggesting that they tab results if their so damn determined to sell you something else rather than the item you’ve selected from the search results at least make it look cleaner and more consistent as to where the specifications are and make sure that you can filter on all specifications. Then add a tab within their site display that shows the other items they want to steer you towards for whatever reason along with a image of that item. Then you can quickly see if maybe you did select the wrong item for you. Wishful thinking on my part.

I just wish they would deliver the packages where I want and not leave them lay on the front porch where a porch pirate comes along and then I’m having to get them replaced all because some shipper is too cheap or lazy to put them where I asked. That’s annoying. I love when they stick them between the storm door and the main door and the storm door is sticking open at a 60 degree angle. No one would ever see there’s package hiding there. It’s like putting the flag up on a mailbox. Hey porch private over here.

The other annoying thing is the advertisements that are displayed because I had a curiosity about something and they take that as having information when it’s really just data. I have no interest in purchasing a female’s toy rabbit but I was curious enough to see what it looked like. I definitely don’t need advertising.

Am I missing something that everyone else is terrified of happening? I mean I’m not talking about being able to steal my identity or my credit card info or serious stuff like that but what do they think these targeted ads will do? Turn someone into a sociopath like Trump? To late. That ship has sailed.

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