I am having a problem with loading websites

So the last like 1 week or so after that long that i use brave browser i am dealing with a problem of loading the websites (any site in general) sometimes it loads really slow and sometimes it doesnt load at all. The thing that works for me right now until i fix it is to close brave and load the site again which didnt load, for some reason when i do that brave works as it should have been it loads that site really fast and after some time i keep having the same problem

Does anybody knows why that happening?

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of details that’s missing for anyone to be able to help. Examples of some information that would be useful:

  • What version of Brave are you using? (Exact version, don’t just say “the latest”)

  • What OS are you using? (Such as Windows 11, Android 12, etc)

  • I know you said any site in general, but have you noticed if there’s any particular content or anything? Like if it’s just on video streaming sites or something with a bunch of photos ?

  • Does disabling Shields make any impact?

  • Do you have the same issue in private window?

  • Can you add a new profile and see if it happens there? (this can only be done on desktop)

  • Are you using a VPN or proxy? If so, see if changing it might happen

This partially suggests it could be something with your cookies and/or cache. Though it still could be internet connection, extensions, or a bunch of other things.

  • 1.61.101

  • Windows 11

  • Its just in everything no matter video site etc

  • Same thing

  • I tried still the same

  • No VPN

@Igetis I had 7 bullet points and you answered with 6. But I’m assuming you are saying it happens both in private window and in new profile? Or did you not try one of them? I just want to verify and make sure I’m not making any assumptions.

Beyond that, let me tag in @Mattches for a second to see if he has any other thoughts or suggestions on this.

What I can tell you may be asked and you can try yet:

  1. Does toggling Hardware Acceleration make any difference? (So if you had it on, turn it off and test. If it was off, turn it on and test). I should have had this in my initial suggestions

  2. Have you changed anything in brave://flags? If so, set them to default and test again

  3. Test in Brave Beta or Brave Nightly to see if it happens there.

  4. Does this same issue happen on Chrome or Chromium? (can just test on one)

Hello and sorry for late response,

  1. Nothing changed

  2. All in default options

  3. Well those 2 are a little bit different and want to stay on normal brave

  4. I did download chrome to test if im gonna have the same problem but seems like not

Its so weird cause i been using brave for so long time and never had any problem or anything and now the last 1 or 2 months im dealing with this annoying problem which i cant find a way to fix it sadly


Of course they are different. This was asking you to test different things to see if the issue persists on those. Nobody said to abandon normal Brave or anything. The instruction was to install those versions of Brave as well and test. If you didn’t have the issue there, then we know it may be fixed in one of the next updates. But it at least is a way of troubleshooting.

Yeah i know btw i did download the nightly version and seems fine to me so far

Ok, so it might be just a temporary thing that gets resolved in an update. It’s currently the holidays so will be delays from developers and support. But at least going through some of the steps, it helps narrow down things for them to look at.

Btw, I failed to ask something important. Are you ever seeing any error messages or anything when you’re having issues with sites loading? And did you say it’s all sites, only particular ones, or what?

Well i feel like this thing happens randomly to any site, from what i noticed if i get the problem on a site i just wait for a few seconds and it loads the site. In general the problem is that it loads the sites really really slow or something when i try to search something on brave search (google) it never get searched

So i guess it must be a brave problem and not a setting i have

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