Simple site security stopped - htaccess pop up window

For the last few days a site that I go to which uses a simple security using using a browser pup up security window has stoped working, as soon as I go to the site it jumps to the 401 unauthorised page, I have tried deleting all the cookies and data related to the domain but it still seems to remember and auto input the wrong password but it does it so fast it can’t be stopped anyone seen this and have any ideas why and how to resolve?

Hello @alanjay

go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData then go to advanced then make sure browsing history and cookies and passwords and autofill and make sure to choose all time from the time range

Hi @justsomeone1 thanks, I was trying to avoid a complete reset, I have tried resetting via the “domain” equivalent and it works correctly when using a “private browser” so its something for the relevant domain but when using the brave://settings/siteData to remove the data for the site it doesn’t seem to help.

I was rather hoping not to delete all the stored data about other sites :frowning:

you welcome @alanjay

could you go to brave://settings/passwords and make sure that this site is not saved there or even add it to the block
and to clear data for certain site go to the site then click on the lock icon next to the address bar then clear cookies from there it will be for this site only

if that did not help then maybe the issue with one of your extension so disable all of them and try again and if it work enable them till you find the one causing the issue

by the way extension disabled by default in private mode unless if you changed that

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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