Unable to authenticate on sites using htaccess

Sites that use .htaccess to prompt for a name / password do not do so in Brave on iOS, unless Private Browsing is enabled. I’ve tested this across multiple sites, and the results are consistent - there is no prompt to authenticate under normal browsing (even with shields off), but private browsing triggers the prompt. The sites work normally in Chrome & Safari.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Browse to a site that uses .htaccess
  2. Fail to get prompt, possibly notice failure results message depending on site
  3. If private browsing is enabled, prompt appears

Expected result: Login / password prompt should appear.

Brave Version: 1.20 iPad

iPadOS 14.0.1 (has persisted since 13.x)

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Hi, we hosted such .htaccess sample server and could not reproduce this issue.

Could you tell us what specific website you have problems with?

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It’s mostly been on either internal sites on my home network, or some external sites I would rather not post for security reasons - let me see if I can replicate it somewhere that is safe to post, and I will reply again.

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Try this:


It works fine from Brave on macOS, but not from iPadOS.

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Seems to work for me, this is on iPad Air 2, iOS 14, Brave 1.20

Perhaps there’s some cookie saved that’s why it works in private mode but not in regular one

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Odd, I’m running Brave 1.20 on an iPad Pro. This is a new site I’ve never been to before in this browser. I just tried another site I know I had not used in Brave before, and had the same bug.

I’ve cleared all personal data and the issue persists. I also recently wiped and restored my iPad to clear an issue with another app - this issue persisted across the wipe.

I’ll try on my iPhone as well.

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This works as expected on my iPhone, just not on my iPad.

I can’t sync my Bookmarks, so I don’t want to delete the app yet - is there a way to export and re-import my bookmarks in iOS at this time, that isn’t Sync?

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