401 authorization pop-up (alert window) disappearing - also small lastpass extension bug?


The issue appears that the most recent release has broken something as I only started seeing this issue for the past two days-ish?

Basically to login to our staging environment (running on Salesforce’s demandware/commerce cloud platform) I need to fill out a prompt that opens up but as you can see in the below video on Brave the pop-up disappears before any credentials can be entered.


I recorded this behaviour with Brave on the left and chrome on the right for comparison.

Also there appears to be a small display bug on the lastpass extension that, again I haven’t seen happening before yesterday and isn’t present on chrome.

I restarted brave, and reinstalled the lastpass but to no avail and I also cleared my cache but again to no avail. I didn’t demonstrate it in the video but I could login through brave via incognito/private mode but this isn’t workable long-term.

Let me know if I can provide anymore detail, also I blurred the urls just for security, but let me know if this is a problem.


This occurred on an imac - MacOS 10.14.5 and the software version numbers are shown at the end of the video

I also cleared my cache

Just to be sure did you clear data from all time or just one hour? Since one hour is typically the default setting. Could you also try clearing site specific settings and check?

I cleared cache from the last seven days as this issue only appears to have cropped up since yesterday.

I’ve also subsequently cleared cache for all time and cleared all site settings(see attached screenshots) but the issue persists, any ideas?

Just to track, it appears that the updating Brave to Version 0.68.139 has rectified this authorisation problem for me.

The bug on the Lastpass extension with the buttons jumping up on hover persists however.

I have logged out/in of lastpass and removed/reinstalled the extension but to no avail. Its only a small issue but a little irritating to use throughout the day.

Closing this thread as the update to version 141 has rectified the issues. Many thanks to the brave team for rectifying these admittedly small issues.