Private windows not working properly?

I am a bit concerned about this.

I use private windows to check websites I am building, and various other reasons.

Today I noticed I was logged into Wordpress admin on a site I am working on, even when I opened a private window. I was still logged in just like I was in the non private browser window.

Then I noticed that’s true for all sites I am logged into in my normal window, when I open a private window, I am still logged in?! How does that work without exposing cookies and browsing history?

Kinda defeats the object! I now have to open another browser to do the same thing, making me forced to use browsers I hate, as I hate them all now since moving to Brave :smiley:

Thank you for reaching out to us.
I’m wondering if you may have an extension(s) installed that could be responsible for this? Testing on my end, when opening a private window, I’m logged out of all sites as expected — including here on Community.

Can you also tell me what version of the browser you’re using at this time?

Thank you

Hi, sorry I didn’t see the reply. My version:

"Brave is up to date
Version 1.49.132 Chromium: 111.0.5563.147 (Official Build) (x86_64)

It’s not extensions, I have none running :slight_smile:

I noticed it happened again yesterday. I cleared all browser data (everything all time) and then it didn’t do it, but an hour or two later I noticed it started doing it again. I rarely use private windows (compared to normal window anyway), so I just opened one to view a site without being logged in (as i was in main window) and again I found I was logged into Wordpress, but it has happened with other sites not just Wordpress I think.

Any ideas appreciated. Thanks

I wanted to just clarify. Is it that you don’t have any extensions or you just don’t have them running?

Asking the difference as I recall a few times where people said something along the lines of not having them running, but then after a lot of time spent we found out they had extensions installed but just weren’t activated. Once they removed the extensions completely, things worked. I forget which extension it was, but it was some internet security one I believe.

So yeah, while everyone is working through it, thought I’d just check that one tiny detail.

Thanks. I have no extensions installed on any of my profiles, except one, where I have one extension - BitWarden.

This happens in all profiles so I don’t think that’s the issue, but I understand you wanting to check. I do have full protections on (Shields, aggressive etc), and I do have some filters (ublock, annoyances list, I can list them if needed)


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