I can no longer access website


I can no longer access this website. I deactivated almost everything without success. Can anyone please assist?

Thank you!


And by deleting the cookies concerning this site?

I have tried it, but nothing has changed.

The Cookies and other site data section should help you
Have you checked clear cookies and site data when closing the browser?
and of course close the browser afterwards

Maybe by allowing cookies from all sites if your website has become susceptible to third-party cookies…

I have had this happen several times. I have made an account here every I re-install Brave, so about every 30 days. What’s really weird is I’m using the same email address every time and it keeps working as if I become a different person every 30 days. I can’t offer support for your specific problem, but I have a feeling it’s rooted much deeper than brave. I also don’t actually use a mac anymore so that’s all I’ve got.

Does it work in a private window?
If yes, then it’s probably because of extensions. Disable / completely remove.

Which website? @CooperOnTheRun


No, it doesn’t. I get the same message.

I turned everything off and restarted Brave. I keep getting the same message.

Maybe that’s the new cookie consent option. Is there a way to deactivate it somewhere?

Does disabling shields help? I’ve attempted to create an account, waiting on them

Yes, I disabled them and was able to log in. Then I enabled them and logged out. After that, logging in with shield enabled worked.

Thank you for this solution!

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