Simple question regarding support of Crypto Wallets

I’ve read that Crypto Wallets in Brave is seperate from Brave Rewards.

I have used the option since last December.

I’ve had success using it with Unstoppable Domains and Uniswap to name a couple, but I could not import it to MetaMask due to 24 versus 12 word seed phrase.

In that regard, does Brave continue to offer support of the function as well as monitor it?

Aside from the well known habits to keep a decentralized wallet secure, is there any reason to have any case of the dreads? I see no risk notice/policy.

Will Brave ever replace the current one, which I believe is a MetaMask variant?

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I guess the only way to move from Brave crypto wallet to MetaMask is to import your accounts one by one (using the private key) instead of the entire wallet account using the seed phrase.

Where do you find your private keys to move the accounts over to metamask?

Account Details > Export Private Key

Where do you find Account details?

Hi. Long delay. I am not following? I am met with a 12 word seed, while Brave’s variant gives 24.

Using the seed is the only method for Brave’s version with which I am aware, though I am familiar with other key/wallet security protocols for porting a wallet. It’s just I am unfamiliar with anything but seed in regards to Brave.

I haven’t tried it yet, but you should be able to import your Crypto Wallet account(s) by using the private key. You can find this under the menu within each account (click the 3 black dots in upper right side) to access Account Details > Export Private Key

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Maybe we’ve misunderstanding? Or could be my intention is redundant, but keys are 24 words in Brave versus 12 in Metamask.

…redundant, yes? I’m not wealthy, and I use only four wallets, but I’ve grown fond of the paper version.

Just wanted to reply that I did produce what you suggested and illustrated. I also choose to believe I had healthy boost in general understanding as the topics for this key type number greatly.

I still feel this is a redundant excercise, but it fits theory model, so I’ll prog it and see what gives just in case someone would choose to install Metamask – though with Brave Crypto Wallet being a Metamask variant, maybe I’ll stay a bit.

Edit: I hadn’t rambled enough.

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