Brave Crypto Wallets (deprecated) recovery

Description of the issue: Recovery of the old wallet (Brave Crypto Wallets (deprecated))

How do I recover the wallet? I tried to recover the wallet to Chrome that is using the Metamask extension but the seed phrase seems to recover wrong accounts.

Is this even possible or do I have to recover it only to Brave Crypto Wallet?

Also it says that the old wallet is deprecated. Does this mean it will be removed from Brave?


@rpajunen Do you have 24 words seed legacy phrase?

@Aman_M Yes I have the 24 word seed phrase

Unfortunately that will only work in Brave Wallet old or new both. Just tick the check box that says something like “import using legacy seed phrase” which will appear after you enter 24 words while importing. Metamask will give you different address.

It is advisable that you move funds out of legacy wallet to a wallet that has 12 words seed phrase and do away with legacy altogether.


Note that if you do have a legacy seed phrase (24 word) you can still export that wallet’s account’s private keys too and import that into other wallets just fine, even in MetaMask for example.
At that point though, your seed words in MetaMask would not be connected to your imported account.

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