Funds are dissapeared on New metamask wallet on Brave Browser

Brave browser asked me to activate my new wallet with the seed phrases. After I did that I saw there are no more funds on my wallet. Also my wallet address is completely different than before. Is there any bug or something? Anyone knows whats wrong?

Anyone help please, its urgent can’t reach my funds or trade

It looks like my funds are still when I fill in my old walletaddress on etherscan
But why my walletaddress is different with the new updated wallet?? :thinking:

Note that the new wallet is not based on MetaMask.

Were you using MetaMask or Crypto Wallets before?

If you were using MetaMask, you can still access and use MetaMask.
If you were using Crypto Wallets, you can go to brave://settings/wallet and set your default wallet back to Crypto Wallets, then navigate to brave://wallet to view it.

When you setup the new wallet, did you Import or did you use Restore from seed words? Are your seed words 24-words or 12-words. If they are 24-words please try restoring again on Brave Wallet (not with Crypto Wallets selected) and use the Brave legacy code words option.

I selected crypto wallets in settings and then viewed it on brave://wallet entered my password and it came back. So I was using crypto wallets.

I am new to crypto’s it’s so complicated to understand.

When I started with Brave browser it had already a wallet. I entered it with clicking the three stripes on the above right corner in te toolbar, scrolled down to “wallet” and followed the instruction to get it ready (writing down all seed phrases I have a 24-phrase seed. etc. you know the drill). So I didnt know what wallet it was, I just started using it. I thought it was a metamask wallet that brave offered and pre-installed for its users. Everytime I want to acces my wallet I click on the three stripes in the upper right corner of the toolbar in bravebrowser and enter my password.

Now I understand that after Brave installed the new wallet the setting for default wallet switched from Crypto wallet to Brave wallet. Because as you now now I always enter my wallet by clicking on the three dots than scroll to wallet. So I did the same routine but now I entered a different wallet with a different walletaddress and zero funds. So I was confused, I thought how did this happen I entered my wallet the same as always.

So why Brave changed my default wallet??? How should I know, I have zero technical knowledge??? I couldn’t trade all day long yesterday!!!

Sorry for the trouble you had.
I think if you’re seeing a different account still then you should restore from the new wallet and enter your seed phrases, but remember to select the checkbox for importing from a legacy brave wallet. Then you will have the same addresses.

Note you’ll also need to add any custom networks you had or custom tokens.

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