Problem with my seed and the new version of brave and its wallet

It turns out that I create my wallet from the wallet that had brave ( mixed with metamask and they gave me 24 words) and if I put my 24 words in metamask throws me another wallet that is not the one I believe but if I entered it in brave I read it perfectly and showed me my real account, now that they updated the wallet no longer recognizes me, I need somehow please use an older version of brave to enter my wallet and withdraw my money, please help I am desperate

If you are using the 24 seed words to import your old wallet, make sure you check the Import from legacy Brave Crypto Wallets? option to import your old account. Without the selection it will not recover the correct wallet.

Still I can’t see my old accounts, it gives me some new ones…

That option does not show when i try that. Any reason ?

The option will show if you are using the Restore option from the lock screen. Please make sure you’re on the latest version too.

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