How do I export/import my Brave Wallet back into Metamask?

Description of the issue:
Cant export from the new Brave Wallet/browser to the Newest Metamask Extension

How can this issue be reproduced?
try and import your seedphrase into Metamask from Brave Wallet

Brave Version (check About Brave): v1.33.106

I dont want to fix the Brave Wallet, I just want to use Metamask

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Not very clear what you are trying to do but if you want to import your Brave Wallet to MetaMask then you can go to brave://wallet/crypto/backup-wallet and copy the seed phrase and then import it in Metamask. Note it will only export the primary account with the seed and not imported ones via private key/JSON.

I have done the above suggestion, but the 24 word seed phrase connects to a different wallet when imported into metamask

my description clearly states that I want to do the following

(EXPORT) Brave Wallet → Metamask

I’ve already done it. And it worked. Brave Wallet sucks

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It only imports your 1st profile, you need to “create” a new one to import your others

If you have an older 24 word seed phrase you’ll have to export your private key by clicking on the account then the pencil icon. Then importing that account to MetaMask.