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Hey, don’t know why I just noticed this, but there is a toggle off for “show title bar” while in vertical tab mode. Good work! (This is in the right-click menu in the tab bar.)

Here’s a tip. I don’t normally use the “wide address bar” option in brave://settings/appearance. But if you do, and you choose to hide the title bar, you will only have a very tiny area left for dragging the window with the mouse. Toggling the wide address bar off will really help you.

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I can answer that, and that’s because most people decided to use Nightly and don’t read commits in brave github about WIP features, especially when we talk Vertical Tabs (brave-core repo) which is still early stage of development and will suffer many changes until it hits stable. So that means anyone could easily find out about fixes, bugs, new features or anything, but I guess they don’t care but they are quick to pull the trigger if something ‘unexpected’ happens.
Like 11 days ago Brave allowed to switch in runtime the orientation of the tabs, and some people were like “are vertical tabs gone?” isn’t that an indication to go and at least research on github why is that? but apparently no.

I mean, nobody even needs to go to a lists of commits to find out about vertical tabs progress, since specific issues in brave-browser repo exist to track all this, especially vertical tabs progress.

Anyway, hiding the title bar was implemented 14 days ago.

Vertical tabs are now a flag in the stable browser.



I updated to Version 1.47.171 Chromium: 109.0.5414.87 today and it seems like the feature stopped working. The tabs are not displayed vertically anymore even after setting vertical tabs to enabled.

@ragemoody What device? Also, what are you saying issue is? I just checked and I’m able to see Vertical Tabs. I’m not necessarily a fan of the design of Vertical Tabs and often stick to traditional, but yeah…still able to turn them on.

Also, do you have the flag enabled like Dave mentioned? Also, did you make sure to right click on a tab and then make sure Use Vertical Tabs is selected? (it’s been known to unselect that during updates sometimes)

Untitled - Paint 1_15_2023 10_15_42

Ah well, I did not have to right click and select Use Vertical Tabs when I enabled the feature a couple of weeks ago. Seems like the update really unselected it. Thank you for the quick reply!

(The design is indeed not very pretty and for some reason I do have a black background on macOS now, which makes it even worse.)

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I favor the compact look of vertical tabs before this update, is that viewing option available anywhere?

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It is important to remember that ‘Vertical Tabs’ is still an experimental feature and isn’t very old.

I would suspect that customization is something that can be expected in the future, however, functionality is usually the primary goal of experimental features. Cosmetic appeal is definitely something that would be more along the lines of features that are stable and ready for production.

You should be able to customize the tabs now through chromium CSS edits, but that is definitely going to require some advanced knowledge of chromium itself as well as CSS.

The cosmetics of vertical tabs has been comment on quite a bit, so I am sure it will be looked into. The amount of coding and effort that is going to be required in order to enable themes or even just basic customizations is quite intense. I would venture to guess that creating a system to customize vertical tabs it probably going to be a bigger project than vertical tabs is as a whole.


I’m loving how Brave Nightly is evolving the Vertical Tabs feature. An aspect of the Edge version that makes Vertical Tabs so useful is the ability to manually resize it to any, custom width that you need. TFT that it’s already expandable and collapsible is great, but custom resizable would be [chef’s kiss].

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Aaaaand another thing: I love that one can pin tabs in Vertical Tabs, and that when the number of pinned tabs exceeds that maximum that can fit in one row the favicons for tabs in excess of that number just wrap to another row. Favicon wrap - sweet. That’s all super useful. That said, each favicon for a pinned tab does take up more horizontal real estate than is strictly necessary. It appears that, because of the favicon spacing settings, the maximum number of pinned favicons that Vertical Tabs will display in one row at the top of the Vertical Tabs sidebar is five. The favicons really don’t need to have as much buffer space as they currently have on either side of each one. Edge fits six favicons in the same horizontal space in which Brave will fit only five. Is this a big freaking deal? No. But it would be a nice tweak that would show just how slick and optimized a user interface Brave can produce.

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Another vote for vertical tabs. I tried Arc Browser on my Mac for a while and stopped using it because Brave Search doesn’t work on it, but I miss the vertical tabs/larger pinned tab icon layout enormously.

I’m loving how Brave Nightly is evolving the Vertical Tabs feature.

woah, I didn’t know that.

Just installed brave nightly and I’m liking the vertical tabs. It’s not quite, for lack of a better word, sexy. But it gets the job done just as much I wanted. :ok_hand:

Good stuff!

This, along with tab groups, should help me better organize my almost 300 tabs (!). Before, I used an extension called “Tab Manager Plus for Chrome” along with separating the tabs in multiple windows to keep things just enough organized to be usable. (yes I’m lazy I know). I was considering switching browsers, but thankfully now I won’t have to do that.

I also like how the top part shrunk a bit, leaving enough room for the bookmark bar. But maybe the four buttons on top-right are too small.

Here’s how it looks like for me :

One annoyance is that, when the search tab button is disabled, the other buttons on its left don’t take up the space left by it.

brave nightly top part bug

Regardless, I’m quite happy with this feature.

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I activated the side tabs, and now cannot return things to normal. Every time I try to switch it of (by settings or in-tabs menu), Brave crashes. It does not work for me but I cannot get rid of it.

Are there any plans to set a keyboard shortcut to toggle the Expand Tabs view? This would be great for those of us who like to keep our fingers on the keys as much as possible :slight_smile:


I’m honestly not sure what you’re speaking of or if there’s a different term for it. But I will say in one of the upcoming versions of Brave, they do allow you to create or change the shortcuts for most things in the browser. It’s active in Nightly, not sure about Beta.


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I think @winst is referring to a keyboard shortcut for the item circled in red.


Version 1.63.175 has this keyboard shortcut option available for us to customize (at Settings → System → Shortcuts): “Toggle vertical tabs expanded”