Vertical Tabs left or right per window

I would like to request per window Vertical tabs so that this feature is actually useful for people with widescreen monitors having several Brave windows side by side so that we can put the tabs of to the left and right of the screen instead of being forced to have a big fat bar in the middle of the screen.
I asked for this in the previous Vertical Tabs thread but it was closed since the original feature request of having the ability to align them globally was meet. This is still useless for me.

While I will suggest this tot he team, I think its unlikely that this feature will be added on a “per window” basis. The feature, as I stated in a similar thread recently, to move vertical tabs to the left or right of the window is already in Nightly and will be in the stable build shortly — however, this is done on a per profile basis, not per window basis.

This makes sense, as changes in the Appearance settings (and most other settings) are applied to the profile they’re being changed on, not the individual browser window. As far as I know, no browser allows this type of per window setting natively (there may be an extension that allows this type of functionality but I am familiar with any).

Yeah I saw that in that thread and it was closed not addressing my suggestion which is why I am doing this this thread.
That no other browser does it seems like a poor argument for not wanting to improve things. I thought having unique features that makes you better than other browsers would be something preferable.
Eitherway, it’s super annoying with widescreen monitions with 2 browsers side by side having a big fat vertical tab bar through the middle of the screen.