Add vertical tabs feature in Brave like it is present in Microsoft Edge

Add vertical tabs feature like in Microsoft Edge so that it increases productivity and we can find pages easily and browse easily without mess of all websites.

Vertical Tabs is much more better than Classic horizontal tab bar.

:+1: This is the main reason I’m using Edge instead of Brave today.


But I think Edge collects a lot of data and mainly because it’s proprietary we can’t trust it so using Edge is not a wise idea.

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Edge still has better privacy settings than Chrome. Unfortunately I’m not moving to Brave without vertical tabs.

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I would say that a built-in tree style tabs sidebar would be awesome… I would be a very happy chappie if you could make that happen :wink:


There is an open feature request on Github. Feel free to subscribe to it and voice your opinion over there.


Yes, yes and YES! Also, the address bar merged with the title bar - absolute necessity.


Check out the extension “Tabs Outliner”

I’m using Tab Manager Plus extension until a better tab bar design is implemented.