Vertical Tabs w/ Tab Groups

Hi everyone,

I’m sure that this has been asked a million times - but, I’m just hoping for an official update:

  • When are we going to get native vertical tabs?
  • Will the native vertical tabs feature have tab groups as well?

I’m currently using Microsoft Edge for work - but, I’d like to switch to Brave for it’s tight security features. I won’t be able to switch until Brave has vertical tabs because I manage multiple tab groups and more than 30 tabs.

Thank you very much.

Hello @the4realpsych, we are always working to improve Brave, so far that feature is not available yet but you can suggest those functions in our community Forum Feature request so we can try to implement it soon.

Thank you.

There is already vertical tabs in Nightly that people can enable with brave://flags/#brave-vertical-tabs
but it is WIP and It is like really buggy in many situations and really early version, it was added like two weeks ago.

To answer your question, yes it supports groups and all the features you get in normal tabs, they aren’t building everything like a custom UI for the vertical tabs like Yandex or Vivaldi do where they need to implement their own features because it doesn’t work with native Chromium tabs group feature or you can’t use extensions like Tab Groups Extension (which I recommend in case you don’t know it).

It is still a long way until it is pushed to stable, especially when it comes to groups and how they look and behave and all that, like when collapsing.

But it is coming and it will be on Stable in few months more I guess.

But you can see the progress and things to improve and discussions about vertical tabs.

Hi @Emi, thank you for your support! That’s right however these are experimental features, nothing on the official version yet, we hope to develop a more stable version for the upcoming months. Regards.

Look at the post, it is a feature-request post, which even has the vote button.
Feature requests are not implemented features or features that are not even being developed or in the radar at all.
Technically a feature-request becomes invalid once someone is working on it, especially this feature because Vertical tabs have been prototyped since 2 months ago or more and now it is in Nightly so people can test it and give feedback.

If this is already being developed (since two months ago) and even available in Nightly (since two weeks ago) and the groups already work in this first experimental phase of the Vertical Tabs Nightly build got, then, what is the person requesting for? how is this feature-request valid?

So I don’t understand your point, Stable or Nightly or even none, if the feature is being developed, then it should be informed to users about it and the state of it, without ETAs or assumptions, just say it what it is if enough information exists, which in this case it does, instead of suggesting them to fill the forum with useless requests like if nothing was being done.

I, however, answered the question about Brave vertical tabs supporting groups, because the question is still valid, if the person used the search feature, he would have found out about the vertical tabs release in Nightly, but I don’t know if people tested groups with it or an extension like Tab Groups Extension, but since I did, I made sure to include the information.
I also made sure to include the “few months more” ETA, and how it is only in Nightly since a week and a half ago (not even two weeks), and linked the issues in Github about it, so if the person wants to follow the development and know when it is ‘ready’ he can and he understand it is not even close to be ready.

The person doesn’t use Brave and he wants Vertical Tabs like Edge, so it is important to inform people, especially people who are not even really Brave users about these type of things.
Brave is fully open source unlike other/most Chromium (big name) browsers, you don’t know what they do, unless they push the features to a Snapshot/Dev/Canary build, so that’s the advantage of Brave, you can tell people is being developed, give the link and let them know it is being developed even if it is far from ready, even before it hit Nightly, it was important to know Brave was already working on it.

So again, I don’t understand the point of thinking a feature-request should be something that is being pushed tomorrow to Stable or like if it was a top secret when Brave already pushed it to Nightly, which doesn’t mean it will be in Stable soon, but it shows Brave is working on it, so it automatically makes any feature-request invalid about it.
And if the person wants to try Nightly and try Vertical Tabs, then so be it.

I think most people should try the Nightly build first or read Github commits before making feature requests or give feedback about some features. Sometimes, featres are being slowly working on, but since it is not in Stable people think Brave is not doing anything.
You know, educate people to research and understand the pros of Brave being fully open-source unlike happens with the development of other Browsers.

Have a nice day.

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