September rewards problem

there were 27.93 bat processing. these bats were earned by me from past 7 months, it got rolled over every month and now it processed . But today on *th October when i opened my brve browser it showed like this , No claim Button appeared and directly it showed rewards have arrived but its 0. Please help @steeven @Mattches @Saoiray . Please help me. This is my whole year efforts. :pray: :pray: :pray:


@Itis That notice is, unfortunately, a generic one that shows the timing for payments, which is around the 8th of each month. It isn’t browser/person specific typically. If you check Ads Payout Status Update you’ll see current status.

My assumption is if you wait, it will likely appear for you within a few days. Since we’re in the weekend, that can impact it as well. If you don’t have it by Tuesday/Wednesday, especially if that link shows payments complete, then submit a Support Ticket


Very little to nothing can be done about payments until AFTER payments are complete. So until that notice shows payment complete for Unverified or whichever method you have, it’s best to hold off on contacting for support, at least not for the current month. You can contact if you think had big issues beforehand.


I had similar problems past month and it is same this month also… Last month there were 2 BAT tokens to be credited but it did not come through and this month 5.27 BAT were supposed to be credited but the same issue still persist
What can be done now because Last months tokens are also pending… as you said this months token might arrive so yeah ill wait but what can be done regarding previous months token


@jagarsoshi If payment you should have received in September (which would have been earnings from August) never arrived and you didn’t submit a support ticket, then I’d go ahead and submit one now using the link I provided earlier. I mean, you can wait until this month’s pay that is ongoing completes if you’d like, so either can combine the two or provide info on how you received one but not the other. Up to you either way. But key will be any time you have any issues with payments, always submit a support ticket.

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I think ill wait for This payment to reflect for few days and if this does not get credited ill raise a combine ticket and if it does get credited ill raise a ticket for august… that would make more sense instead of raising two different tickets… and I hope you would help me if I am stuck somewhere… Thankyou


Unfortunately, not true. There is indeed an issue that occurred already last month and is reoccurring this month with some unverified wallets. The Claim button simply does not show up.

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For me this is the first time. I hope we all receive the payout properly in 1 or 2 days.

only on brave stable version this error has appeared. I received claim button on my brave beta properly. My brave stable version in disconnected on pc and Unverified on mobile. I didn’t receive on both. @Mattches

Any update on this?? Will i receive the payout this month?

@Itis I answered you yesterday. Don’t ask again until it says payments are complete. Until then, nobody has an answer for you. Even people working at Brave can’t know whether a payment is still coming or not until it’s done. So please watch from the link below:

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Ok Sorry. I will wait.

Rewards: September 8th, I received about 7th bat - disappeared, nothing in history, today (October 8th) again - about 6th bat - congratulations and … disappeared, also from history. What’s going on, where have they gone?

same problem to me also

dont expect too much getting that reward, I also didnt receive my previous month payment same to this month, I waited for the processing of BAT payments to finish but still nothing BAT arrive.

All threads with a topic like this, they will reply the same thing, “BAT ads payment still processing”.

its like we are getting scammed here, viewing ads but not getting paid for it.

The issue has been resolved in my case… I just now received tokens for both the pending months
for those who still have issues I would request to wait for few days or else raise a ticket late on

What did you do? Is your browser connected to uphold or gemini ?

I have done nothing it happened by itself… No my region doesn’t support gemini/uphold connection

before receiving what did it show till yesterday? “on the way” or " payment has arrived"

If you submit a support ticket using the link below, we’d be happy to take a closer look at your case, thank you.

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