I Had 3 BAT and it went down to 1 BAT when there is 7 days left for payment

I had somewhere around 3 BAT and suddenly it went down to 1 BAT but the payment day is 7 days away I wondering how we could fix this issue because I worked hard for those 3 BATS. It says “The payout for September rewards will begin processing by 8 October.” I just want this fixed, please.

or did it go down the September ended and the 3BAT is being processed?

@RamBam9090 On the final day of each month, our estimated earnings reset and go to 0. Sometimes if ads didn’t fully reconcile, we can see estimated earnings “roll over” into the next month’s estimated earnings.

As to what seems to have “disappeared” is what is being processed in the background and should be arriving to Uphold around the 7th. Keep in mind things can sometimes appear early, but usually payments only begin around the 7th and it can take days or even up to a week or so for your BAT to arrive. There’s a variety of factors that influence how quickly this occurs.

You can generally track the status of payments at Ads Payout Status Update which gets modified each month. You should see that edited and changed to show for October 2023 here in the next few days.

Only thing to be clear on, are you seeing the 3 BAT change to 1 BAT in your Estimated Earnings or in your balance portion? What I mean is if you see my screenshot below, there’s my balance of 30 or so BAT on the left, but then the Estimated Earnings on the upper right. I just want to be clear of which area you’re looking.


If it was the one on the left, then that’s the balance you have in Uphold. If that decreased from 3 to 1, then it means something took 2 BAT from Uphold.

But if you’re referring to the upper right, then that’s as I explained earlier. It should have dropped to 0 when shifting to October 1. But if you have 1 BAT there, then it makes it seem like you may not be receiving all 3 BAT but might only be getting 2 BAT and you had around 1 BAT “roll over” into next month’s earnings.

estimates earings was 3 bat

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Ok, so at least you should be seeing what I mentioned. So not sure if you’ll get the full 3 BAT this time around, but we’ll see what it processes. As to how fast you get it, all depends on where you fall in system. In some months, we might be at the “front of the line” and receive payments as early as like the 2nd of the month. Other times, we may be at the “back of the line” or there could be some delays to where payment isn’t received until around the 15th of the month.

Overall though, they do try to have payments complete around the 10th of each month. Like I said, you can track at Ads Payout Status Update to see if it’s showing processing, pending, or complete for Uphold, Gemini, etc. If you see it show as complete for Uphold but it’s not arrived for you (as it seems you labeled this topic for Uphold, I’m assuming you connected to Uphold), that’s when you create a Rewards Support Ticket at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001302431 and they’ll help figure it out and get you whatever might be missing. (Hopefully you won’t have to worry about that, but I wanted to include it as a FYI just in case)

Yeah I think I will only receive 2 BAT from last month

because I still have 1 BAT in estimated earnings
they only took 2 BAT from it

Oh yeah, @RamBam9090. While we’re speaking about everything I’ll go ahead and try to confirm one thing with you. Have you turned off Auto Contribute in your Brave Rewards settings?

I’m asking as it seems this might be your first payment and I know this is one thing that sometimes catches people off guard. The browser has Auto-Contribute enabled by default and programmed to take 1 BAT. If you did not turn this off, then you may see 1 BAT taken from you in this payout.


You see this option within brave://rewards/

I turned that off and this is my second payment from that I got 0.5 BAT because i didn’t use the browser as much

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