SearchBaron and Bing/Ask search engine


I used to have such a problem which I got rid of using MalwareByte but this time it does not work. when I make any research using bar I’m redirected on Bings searchengine instead of the nomrla duckduckgo I normally use but before being sent on bing, I have for on second the Searchbarin that appears and dispappears.
do you know how I can get rid of it in Brave as malwarebyte seems to have already get rid of it in my mac ?

Thank you !

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Open brave://settings/searchEngines via the address bar and remove those search engines if they are found there.

Thanks but unfortunately it does not work, I removed everything but duckduckgo, that’s unfortunate, I think I just have a maleware which I cannot get rid of

If you use any extensions, disable them to check whether that resolves the issue.

Thanks but it does not change anything unfortunately

Check whether the issue persists in a fresh user profile.

Sorry to be annoying but once again it does not work :frowning:

You’re not annoying at all, but the situation doesn’t look good so far.

Was the fresh user profile the only active window when you tested after creating the profile? If there was another active window from the old user profile, re-check once again but this time make sure the only active browser window is that of the new user profile.

Open the fresh user profile → right-click on the blank space just above the address bar → Task manager → take a screenshot and provide it in the next comment.


Now it does work when I create a new profile thank you !! However, how do i do to make it work without using a new profile ?

thank you again !

I originally suspected that your issue was related to a malicious extension, but then you confirmed that disabling extensions had no positive impact.

Try the following in your original user profile:

  1. Open brave://settings/clearBrowserData via the address bar.
  2. Click on Advanced and set Time range to All time.
  3. Select Cookies and other site data, Cached images and files, Site and Shields Settings.
  4. Click on Clear data.

Unfortunately that I did many times, but it’d keep changing te search engine, it’s like searchbaron for a second then bing or ask all of a sudden, only in my main profile really strange

Check whether disabling extensions and then clearing the browsing data will have a positive impact.

Fresh user profiles come without any browsing data and extensions. If the issue isn’t present in a fresh user profile, it’s very likely an extension or/and browsing data cause issues in the original user profile.

yes everythings’s cleared, thank for your help though :slight_smile:

You’re welcome but I didn’t understand - is the issue resolved now?

No it’s not, but I don’t see what more I can do :frowning:

Run an antivirus test just incase…

For me, it sometimes does change into Bing Search and its because I download some random files off of the Internet.

What extensions do you use?

Nothing I unselected all and they were only the basic extensions in Brave like things related to tor and so on

I also did, malewarebyte and spyhunter but still nothing i feel like i’m focked up ahah

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