Google is still my search engine :(

Hi, I recently started using brave on all my devices and it is now my default browser and I have also made Brave the default search engine within Brave. To my big surprise, when I search something, guess who is searching for me? Yep, Google! Please help me get rid of Google, this is the whole reason I changed browsers. Just as added info, in Safari I have Duckduckgo as my default search engine and that works fine, so it is only in Brave that I have this issue. I have even reset my iphone but that did not solve the problem, please help, thanks!

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I just got a new iPhone and have the same issue. I set DuckDuckGo as my search engine and when I use the phone search bar, it’s still using Google inside Brave.

I see no one answered the last post, and that was months ago. Do I need to make a new post for this?


the phone search bar whats this place? Is it the search bar in the browser, or outside of Brave when you swipe down to quickly look for something?

Outside, when I swipe to quickly look for something. It’s opening brave and then using Google, as seen in the screenshot.

Thanks. Unfortunately it’s Apple’s limitation, nothing we can really change.
For this screen they will use whatever you have set as a search engine in Safari.

As far as I know Safari supports DDG, as a workaround you can set DDG in Safari, then it will fallback to it when opening Brave


Thank you, that did the trick! I’ve never even opened safari, so didn’t think there would be a connection. Grrr, Apple!

Thanks a bunch!