Brave redirect to bing and yahoo

I have tried multiple instances and way to resolve this problem, but the issue is still prevelant.
I have

  • reset brave to default settings
  • downloaded malware scanners, and gotten rid of the deteced ones
  • changed default search engine to bing, and added firefox as a secondary search engine
  • changed default search engine to google
    None of the above attempts have worked to resolve the situation. Is there anything I could do, or I did not do the third attempt correctly of changing the default browser?

@op_technique Are you using extensions?

the only ones I am using are google translate and online security

@op_technique Guess big question is if you create a new profile and test, making sure not to install those extensions, do you experience the same issue? If not, then it might be one of them causing it.

Typically issues like this tend to occur more because of extensions, which is why I’m starting with focus on that.

the issue was resolved in the new profile, however I got a notification for these extensions automatically. It hasn’t actually done any redirecting for me, but should I be concerned about this? If not, thank you for resolving the issue

mmmm, try refreshing Brave (uninstall it and reinstall?)

@op_technique So yeah, you have something that’s installing them. It shouldn’t just add itself when you create a new profile, assuming you didn’t Sync it or whatever.

It does seem like you have a virus or form of malware/adware on your device. I’m not sure which malware scanners you’ve used, but might need to make sure to test a couple others such as Malwarebytes if didn’t use it already.

Also might need to think back on antivirus and all you have installed. Go through list of all programs/apps you have installed on your device and uninstall anything that seems fairly recent that you know you didn’t ad yourself.

Of course, you’ll want to also remove those extensions, assuming you weren’t manually adding them yourself. Especially am not sure what that (Online Security) extension is, but if it’s not from a trusted security program that you intentionally installed, I’d make sure to ditch it as well as likely is part of the hijacker on your device.

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