Search Provides Dead Links in Search Results

Hi Search team! :wave:

I’ve been loving the search so far, but I came across a peculiar defect.

When I search nx generate node library, I get a number of expected search results, from the docs pages for the nx framework:

However, when I click either of these results, it takes me to a page that returns a 500 error:

However, there aren’t any actual problems with the domain. When I perform the same search on Google:

and click the search result with the same name, I’m taken to the expected Docs page.

Here are the 2 URLs that the search results return:


I haven’t encountered this issue for any other domains, so it could be a fluke in the spooky voodoo that software development often feels like, but it seemed worth documenting in case the dev team wanted to take a look.

Thanks for all your hard work, and take care!


Appreciate the kind words.
I’m forwarding this information to the search team now to see why this is happening. Thank you bringing this to our attention.

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@Mattches FYI Related?

When click on link in search results: