Searching results are so bad

I find myself on multiple occasion just switching back to a different search engine because the results vary so randomly.

Personally, in 100 searches only once I go back to google/bing

At the start (last year), I used to go back to google/bing 10 times out of 100.

The search results have greatly improved from my observation.

1.) Are you searching from non-US region like france.
If so, then change your region from search settings to france

2.) Are you searching from non-English language like french
If so, then change search language to french.

3.) You can turn On anonymous local result for greater accuracy of searches related to maps.

4.) You can turn On google fallback mixing from search settings. It greatly improves search results by 2x. (there might be privacy related problem with this feature)


On my end, I am personally very satisfied with Brave search engine; It is improving day by day. In addition, when ‘google fallback mixing’ is enabled, it searches for you in google without compromising your privacy. Moreover, when ‘Discussion’ is on, it exhibits what is being discussed recently on the topic.
I use less and less google search.

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Let me begin with I am so glad it is working for you. I am happy that it is a great thing for others, maybe it is me and the stuff I search. Example " NFL injury history 2021 season" Brave pumps out a article from 2012. I mean you’re not even close to the target.

What’s interesting is just using at default, it seems to be hit or miss for people. So I went ahead and did a copy/paste of what you said there. My results are as follows:

But we have had some results shared by people that were way far off the mark. Personally, I stopped using Brave Search because it wasn’t hitting as accurately and specifically as I needed yet. They are starting to get better, but it takes time.

Caching can be a good option if the page is modified or unavailable, and relying on other, alternative search engines, as well as developing, independent own algorithms will certainly contribute to better finding search results for various languages and circumventing censorship.

On the other side, making money by searching will be a good source of income, so a Brave Search Engine can also be used by users of other browsers for this.

I honestly just totally disagree. I think they’re excellent. They’re significantly better than any other non-Google browser I’ve tried. Are they AS good as Google? No. But that’s fine, they’re still in beta and it took Google decades to get to this stage, plus privacy invasive practices. Brave Search gets me the right results 99% of the time, and presents them beautiful (that little gradient on the category text on night mode is chef’s kiss) and then 1% I have to use !g. That’s fine with me.

I do think the News category needs some work. At least here in the UK, it’s constantly very out of date and lacking many of the main relevant news websites like the Guardian, BBC, Independent, Times, etc.

Since private search engines do not use personalized search, it is understandable that search results are not displayed based on tracking user activity and therefore you should be more persistent and patient, which means that searching can sometimes take longer.

The problem may be languages that do not have many speakers and they are poorly represented on the internet because their home countries do not invest enough in their languages (which is the case for example with Serbian, which is my mother tongue). Therefore, it may also happen that the search results are not found at all. So, DuckDuckGo or Qwant have made a lot of progress on this issue lately.

On the other hand, Brave Search is a relatively new search engine that is still developing and should be given a chance, which certainly users themselves can contribute to.

I would also add that for more privacy and other practical reasons it would be much easier to rely on other meta-search engines, other than Mojeek, as already mentioned DuckDuckGo, Qwant, Presearch and Startpage, instead of Google or Bing.

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