Brave safe search set to Strict and p*rn websites still come in the results

Description of the issue: I was just checking out Brave Search and I searched 4k and p*rnhub website was in the results even do I had the safe search set to strict. This is the same problem on DuckDuckGo. I hope this will be fixed I don’t want to see adult content because I’m really young and I shouldn’t see it

Brave Version: 1.26.67 Chromium: 91.0.4472.114
Operating System: Windows

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i have found even the free filters work very well

check it out.

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I can´t reproduce it, I searched “4K” and even with Safe Search set at Off there are no porn results of any kind in links or images.

You don´t have to pay for this, go to brave://settings/security in Advanced and pick “Use Secure DNS”, with “Customised” and you will see a drop down menu of various DNS providers, one of them is CleanBrowsing (Family Filter), the same company you mention but for free, it already comes with Brave.

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oh good call @yubi!
i should have mentioned that the setup is super simple, just select the CleanBrowsing option in the DNS provider list.

Well when i search 4K now there’s no porn results. Idk why but it showed some

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Search is constantly being adjusted and fine tuned – there’s a chance there was some special circumstance that allowed for those initial results but was subsequently resolved, so now they no longer show.