Search results worse than mainstream Google

Hi guys
I am disappointed with ongoing search results. As a researcher and a person who despises censorship, I’m wondering why search results are excluding links that even Google will drag up. I put keywords in on issues and scroll through pages not finding what I need.
I’m sorry but I’m a hair’s whisker of disabling and removing Brave.
What’s going on please?

So you’re mad that the company that censors and reranks results based on what they are paid to do or that reflects their political agenda provides results that match your opinion and desires?

And get upset that the company that doesn’t censor or rerank search results doesn’t readily have the exact results you’re looking for? Have you even tried using things like Goggles that is provided by Brave as a way for you to filter and rerank results yourself?

Care to share any examples?

Hi there,
I don’t have to compile examples. I don’t have time to fix this.
I’m telling the truth that I have sought things, pertaining to all the current
corruption going on in every country and find nada. Government aligned website and mainstream news take precedence every time

I despise Google but even that morally bankrupt browser provides links that I look for.
Not up to me to fix this, but if it happens again I will screenprint results and send it online.

That’s essentially what I was asking

Didn’t see you answer on whether you’re using Goggles with Brave Search. If you don’t know what that is, check out and

It’s the way to refine results even further. If you’re just doing a basic search, it’s going to go with what’s “most popular.”

You may also want to check out Results seem politically skewed - #27 by sampson and Results seem politically skewed - #28 as they kind of explain that a little better.

Ok. I will check out Goggles and the other links on feedback you provided.
Thanks for responding. I am looking into using TOR as well.
I’m certainly not an IT expert but I kind of figure I will need to
find new ways to do research because as you say ‘popular’
search results are not the kind of results I need when researching.
That’s like, looking for the truth on mainstream media itself
almost impossible.
Kind regards

Yeah, it’s tough. Big thing is it will pull results to match more of what people are searching and interacting with. Then add in whatever sites are paying for the best optimization of their sites and all. It becomes a bit of a headache on indexing and all.

That’s where Brave is providing things like Goggles which lets us choose sources types to ignore or prioritize. Brave Search and Goggles are still fairly new, so they are far from perfect. But definitely working on expanding and providing more capabilities to everyone.

Anyway, good luck and I’ll be looking forward to feedback…especially when/if you try Goggles. (Might be a bit of a learning curve on finding goggles to apply and how to use, but then should be okay overall)

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