Search Bar Populates Copied Text

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Search Bar search suggests Recently Coped Text:

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. At a login page with username and password
  2. I open my password app and copy the password and paste to the webpage
  3. Any time after this when I search from the Search bar it Populates my recently copied text. i.e. my password


**Version 1.10.99

*Essential Phone Android 10

Password app Norton Password Manager

While I understand your frustration, this is actually likely a setting in your Password Manager application.

For example, I’m using LastPass as my password manager. If I go to (in the LastPass app) Menu --> Settings --> Security --> More options, I see an option to Fully clear clipboard history which I believe will clear the clipboard after the content you’ve copied from the app is pasted.

Check your password manager app and see if this is a setting offered to you.

Thanks for the suggestion. I used same workflow with a different Browser and it does no behave that way. only Brave.

Was the browser Chromium based? The feature you’re describing is a default chromium behavior.

I copied text from a random webpage, then pasted into a password window and the same thing happens. Brave will display Copied text when I select in the search bar., So it is not the password app.

Brave does this with any copied text

So does Chrome, and Chromium, and Kiwi browser (among others). This is a default behavior of browsers that run on the Chromium engine. To my knowledge, there is no way to change this behavior (I will ask Android team).

I was not implying that the issue was caused by the password manager – I’m saying that your password manager may have options that will at minimum achieve your goal. That is, not displaying your password when you click in the address bar after it’s copied.

Thank you Mattches. I can duplicate it in Brave and Chrome. I haven’t been able to duplicate in Edge.


For what it’s worth, I agree that it’s ridiculous that I can’t control whether or not my browser does this or not. I spent some time looking up the feature and it appears that there used to be a flag that could be disabled that would remove the feature. But that flag, itself, has been removed and anyone reaching out to Google support seems to get their threads closed:

:point_up: Just some examples. I’ve reached out to our Android team to see what it might take to implement an option to enable/disable this feature because it’s a security risk (at minimum) imo.

Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

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