Bookmarks and Passwords Sync Issue

  1. Bookmarks duplicates occur if I resync between desktop and Android.
  2. Passwords not sync between desktop and Android.

I hope these two issues fixed in the next release. As no one can deal with duplicate bookmarks. Also syncing passwords is urgent.

Appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance.



@mohamedmagdy1994 Thanks for report. Could you please provide the steps for bookmarks duplicate when resync? so that i can ty to reproduce from my end.

Password sync implementation is in progress.




@mohamedmagdy1994 As of now there is one open defect on Bookmarks duplicate, which is quite different than the issue what you are seeing.

If you are able to reproduce the bookmarks duplicate issue consistently. Please revert back with steps, so that I can try to reproduce the issue from my end.




@gsarvadnya I really appreciate your reply.

You can find below the steps produced the bookmarks duplicates issue:
I installed brave on desktop and Android then imported bookmarks from Chrome on desktop then I synced bookmarks for the first time from desktop to Android. Bookmarks synced successfully. Then I added new pages to bookmarks on desktop then I do sync again, I found old bookmarks duplicated with the new ones on Android.

For the bug you mentioned, I see this one and mine are the same as this one also happened with me. We can conclude that bookmarks duplicates occur when resyncing from desktop to Android and vice versa.

For passwords sync, I hope it will be implemented soon.

Thanks a lot for your help.



@mohamedmagdy1994 Thanks for the additional informations. I am able to reproduce the issue.

I have added the scenario in the above issue. please track the issue.


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Many thanks @gsarvadnya for your attention and help.

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