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I have issue when I want to erase text from the address bar or search or even now as I write in the description box using backspace. Text is not deleting as it shouldit is lagging and does it very slow and I have to wait for a couple of seconds to see what was deleted.
This does note happen on other browsers. I tried to uninstall and install brave but it is still happening.
My version of brave is 1.22.69
Chromium 89.0.4389.105
Android 10

I too have this issue on 1.22.69.
I also experience a weird visual glitch: regularly the screen does not update if I hit a button on a website until I scroll the page. I also sometimes see visual tearing while scrolling.

Thanks fo reaching out.
Can you both tell me what type of devices you’re using when you see this behavior?

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I also have this screen tearing

Im using samsung s9+ sm-g965f

I am using a Samsung S9 (Exynos). And I think this issue started 2 updates ago (not 100% sure).

Hmmm interesting – I also have a Samsung S9 and I’m not seeing this issue. I assume that you both have restarted your devices to no effect? You may want to try clearing your browsing cache/data but I’m not actually sure that will do anything.

Does this only happen in Brave? or is this behavior present in other apps and/or browsers as well?

I actually get the same visual artifacts in latest Chrome for Android too :thinking: So is Chromium to blame here? I haven’t seen any glitches outside of using Brave and just now while testing in Chrome.

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There’s a high possibility that’s the case. Let me see if I can find a bug report on this for Chromium but again, it’s highly likely to be the cause if you’re both seeing this same behavior.

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While trying to do a screen capture of the visual artifacts I noticed that they don’t appear in the recorded video :thinking::thinking: I could only see them when recording on my screen. I will try to capture it using another phone.

Update: I managed to capture the behavior using another phone but as a new user I cannot upload attachments at the moment.

When I used screen recording everything was just fine but when I turned it off it was back were at the begining.
Its like my phone is sabotaging me :slight_smile:

Exact same issue here. I’m on a Samsung S9 too. Lagging, videos split in half horizontally where top half plays bottom half doesn’t. Can’t scroll properly. Had to stop using it for now.

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I did a hard reset and it was the same afterwards and I dont have any issues with other browsers

Hi! Same issue here, just emailed this :


Since several versions (on Galaxy s9 here). I have had a lot of problems with Brave (Android therefore).

Mainly two:

When you type text, the screen freezes and takes several seconds to display what you are typing. Otherwise you have to switch to another window and come back. I use Microsoft’s SwiftKey for my keyboard and it works great otherwise.

Also, videos played from the browser (excluding full screen) visually jerk and we observe a separation of the top and bottom of the image.

There are sometimes problems when we switch to horizontal mode but it is rarer.

Think you can change this? It has been 3 or 4 updates that the persistent problems, everything was fine a few weeks ago.

Thank you.

(i said “lot of problems” but it seems all come from those both in different ways + I love this browser and I’d really like to keep using it but sadly it makes it really tough to use at the moment, not a threat of course. I’ll keep hopping for a while but it’s often a huge time killer)

I’m sorry lol they seem to be trying to arrest me for terrerisim. Can’t do anything but laugh. I’m not always typing send me something funny.
I’m getting a whole lot of text I can’t read them all well good luck lol I’m still on them.reddit talked with me couple days into it. I’ll try to get em but clumsy at it :shushing_face:

Same issue here, also Galaxy S9+
I will try to play around with the flags and the developer options.
Will report if anything works.

If you force GPU compositing by enabling “Disable HW overlay” the tearing will disappear. Maybe something that forces the GPU compositing for the browser got disabled

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How do you do that? I cannot find Disable HW overlay” in flags

This is not in the flags page, this is a developer option for your phone. You have to enable them and then look for the Disable HW Overlay inside.

I did try to force the HW/GPU options in the flags page to no success.

I enabled Disable HW overlay and its working fine now - thanks oslalas!


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