Password manager opens a sub menu

Hi all, there was a new update that when I go to the password manager to view a website password; it opens a new page to view just that account. If you hit the back arrow, I now have to go retype in the same site I was looking for because it resets to the top of the page.

Its a cumbersome 2-step process.

I liked the old way where you can see the details of a password/username in the search list so I can easily navigate to duplicates and edit multiple.

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It is a change by Chromium that Brave inherited.
And yes, Brave search/filter bar, doesn’t preserve if you navigate around, nothing to do about it.
I still don’t get the issue, it’s not like someone has to do it 3000 times a day to get bothered by it. I guess laziness is a factor, but yeah…
Anyway, why not use scrolldown if you want to preserve the site you are looking at? the scrolling down position is preserved.
And then if you want to search and preserve the scrolling position, you can already use Ctrl+G, which is the alternative shortcut to Ctrl+F which is overridden by Brave Settinsg search bar, that’s why the G and not the F. it won’t filter anything like the Brave setting does, but at least you will find what you want and go back to the same place.

You can use Chrome password manager if you think that’s better.

Passwords grouping flag is needed for the new password manager to display any password inside Brave. So you will be forced to group passwords by domain (because Chromium password manager doesn’t care about subdomains), but you might like it more if you want to use it until the flag is removed and Chromium team makes it default.