Copy and paste from Galaxy Tab S6 physical keyboard in Brave and Chrome

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paste will not work in boxes, messages etc, from the phyical keyboard. will work in private mode, works in Puffin and Samsung browser, but not Brave or Chrome: But it does work from virtual keyboard

try paste


Brave 1.35.100, Chromium 98.0.4758.87:

SM-T860, Android 11

Additional Information:

update, will not work with control-v from virtual keyboard either, hitting control does highligh the keys, but no action. Have to hit the hamburger on the right, choose clipboard, then choose the item you want to past. Got to be a Brave/Chrome issue.

Chrome Brave a problem on my phone also, a moto. Can’t be just me.
copy paste works fine in firefox.

It sounds like an issue with chromium since it happens in Chrome too. You should bring the issue over to the chromium or Chrome support forums. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about that since I don’t use Chrome. But you’ll be able to find it with a quick search. It could also be a compatibility issue with whatever keyboard you’re using. Puffin has that feature built in, Firefox renders web pages with their Gecko engine, and the Samsung browser uses… an old version of chromium I think.

But since this issue is with chromium itself, and not a Brave feature, I’d still check with Chrome support if I were you. If it’s fixed in chromium where the issue lies, assuming it’s an issue and not a compatibility barrier, then it will be fixed in Brave too when they fix it in chromium and Brave updates their chromium version to one with the patch.


A list of keyboard issues, you might look over:

This morning everything is working normally. Before I posted I had cleared history, cleared clipboard etc.
Now couple days later, it worked ok. Thank you both for trying to help. If it happens again, I will try the Chrome support.

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