There was nothing wrong with the Password Manager

But now, not only are these separate pages for login entries redundant, they’ll delete the search I used to find the password in the first place. I might not mind so much if entering my PIN just moved to the new page with the password visible, but it doesn’t even do that.

It’s a minor thing, but I tend to be acutely aware of these minor things.

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Another thing which really bummed me out is the fact that for a few versions, Brave hasn’t been picking up on updated passwords and so you need to go in the settings and manually update them


I have been using Brave as my primary (only) password manager for some time, and my workflow used to be really nice until the most recent change added three redundant steps that annoy me about ten times a day:

GIVEN Password Manager in left-most pinned tab
AND Persistent search term in top right-hand corner to restrict password list to active customer (I have several passwords per customer)

Old workflow:

  1. Cmd+Tab to Brave
  2. Switch to password manager with Cmd+1
  3. Copy password
  4. Meet challenge
  5. Cmd+Tab back to other application


New workflow:

  1. Cmd+Tab to Brave
  2. Switch to password manager with Cmd+1
  3. Click to enter new password screen
  4. Meet challenge
  5. Click to copy password
  6. Click to return to password list
  7. Retype search term which has disappeared
  8. Cmd+Tab back to other application

This is a big enough issue for me that I am currently looking at other options. While I know Brave’s primary focus isn’t managing passwords for other applications, it used to do quite a nice job of it anyway :slight_smile: