Search bar entry keeps going back to a previous search

Everytime I do a search using google, it searches for what I want, but as soon as it locates the items, the search bar reverts to a previous search term. So if I want to modify the search term I can’t do so because it’s an old search term and not the one I’m working on.

E.g. if I did a search for Benjamin Franklin
Then I did a search for Samuel Adams it shows me the Samuel Adams hits, but the search bar shows the old search term i.e.: Benjamin Franklin, so I can’t change the search term to be Samuel Adams -beer or something easily. (yes I could do another random search and the Samuel Adams will show again…but it’s irritating).
I don’t have this problem with Chrome. So is Google trying to hassle people using brave or is it a brave bug? I also don’t have this problem with duckduckgo.
I can provide pictures.

Hi @storm777,

Welcome to community and thanks for writing in! A few questions to better understand what’s going on.

What OS and Brave version are you using?
Has this always happened or since the latest update?
Would you be able to share a screen grab of this happening?

Thanks in advance!

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