Screen-Reader-Accessibility Issues

Description of the issue:
Open tabs are inaccessible/non-interactable/unreachable to screen readers[1]
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Turn on screen readers[1] like Talkback – a component in the Android Accessibility Suites by Google or Voice Assistant (Samsung’s built-in).
  2. Open Brave.
  3. Open two or more tabs.
  4. Press on the “Tabs” icon on the bottom toolbar or to the right of the address bar to manage and navigate to other tabs.
  5. Now, use right/left swipe gesture to move the screen-reader’s cursor focus to available UI elements on the screen. You can also touch on any of the tabs that are currently open.
  6. My Talk Back just says “compositer view holder” on the whole area of open tabs list. Its cursor treat that whole area as just one single UI element.

Expected result:
Talk Back / Voice Assistant cursor should be able to land its focus on each tab along with its associated “close tab” button. The screen reader should be able to read aloud the item it’s focusing, and you then can perform a “double-tab” gesture to switch to that tab etc…

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave for Android, version 1.14.86
Mobile Device details
Samsung S10E, running latest OneUI 2.5 and the latest update of Android Accessibility Suites

Additional Information:
[1] Screen reader (the two most popular are Talk Back from Google and Voice Assistant from Samsung) is a program to help those with visual impairment to interact and use their touch-screen devices. Generally speaking, when turned on, screen readers will add an additional layer of interaction to the touch screen. For example, instead of activating the item right when you touch it, the device will only read aloud the name of that item; to activate it, you’ll need to use screen reader’s own gesture of double-tabbing, which is to quickly tab anywhere on the screen two times.

I really hope you guys can fix this bug so the visually impaired can enjoy a more seamless experience using Brave.

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