Accessibility problems with brave browser on android with talkback screenreader

Hello, I’m new in the brave community. I’m from Poland, and I like the brave browser on the desktop with windows 10 OS. Recently, I wanted to try the brave browser on my samsung galaxy a40 phone, so I downloaded it from the google play.
I set up it successfully. I wanted to import my history and passwords from the chrome browser, and here I encountered a huge problem. When I clicked on “More options”, then nothing happened. When I clicked and hold the element “more options”, the screenreader read “New tab”. When I stop holding this element “more options”, the view with the “New tab” element disappears. I can’t access the settings panel. I also tried typing in the address bar “chrome:settings”, but the browser showed that the website is unavailable. On the nightly build is the same issue.
Thank you for reading this.
I wish you nice day