Tabs handling, gestures disabling?

Hello everyone, I’m new user of brave, just moved from firefox, Fox has change so much, so i dicided to get firends with the lion now :smiley:

But i’ve spotted a Brave misbehaeving when it’s about tabs. I mean closing opened tabs by sliding them right or left, as im using normal mode and private mode, very often it happend to close tab insted of switch to normal/private session. Its so frea*ing annoying, makes me mad soo much.
Second issue, that i cant stand is refreshing page when sliding to the top, sometimes i want to quickly get to top of page by multiple slides up, and when its get there it activate refresh option grrraaahh :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Ahhhh it even happend now as i am writing this post, fortunatly post was saved on my account, uffff…

Is there any solution to disable gestures like this?

One more thing, where to activate toolbar to be visible all the time?

Brave mobile, android.

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For issue 1, when you close a tab by accident or by choice, you get a message to restore it or undo the action. It comes up on the bottom of screen and you can restore the tab you have closed.

For second issue unfortunately thats how its by design. If you do a smooth scroll down it won’t as a refresh. It only happens when you do a hard pull down or there is a hold while swiping down.

As it stats there is no way to have toolbar(I think you mean tabs bar?) visible all the time. If its tabs bar then its only possible on tablets

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First issue is gone, i’ve changed to grid layout, its awsome, and that tabs gouping option…:heart_eyes:
With second i gotta live and get used to…
Now only what i need is toolbar on the bottom and grid layout together but found in other topic that is not possible for now
Thanx for reply.

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Could you please explain how to change to the grid layout?

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Do you mean as I show in this screenshot, with the toolbar at bottom (you might call “toolbar” to mean something else)

Or this toolbar, that shows in the Grid Layout?

Thank you!
Makes me discover a whole new set of options too!

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Yes, exactly like on first screenshot. But, i only can activate “toolbar at bottom” when grid layout is deactivated. When got grid layout on, then nothing happens if i click on toolbar on bottom switch, ofcourse i reboot like brave is sugesting.

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