Scotiaonline not working

Trying to access
Browser freezes establishing secure connection. Unable to enter user / password
Issue does not exist with chrome
Tried: Private window. I have disabled Brave shield for this page and cleared cookies
I am now getting DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE

If you add the following; into brave://adblock, tmx_post_session_params_fixed)

Save and reload scotiabank. Does this help? @superkid

Hi thanks for answering. Let me clarify/characterize the issue.
There are two issues versus chrome

  1. If entering
  • MOST times it fails on brave with DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE
  • it succeed on chrome
  1. if entering
  • In brave, it loads login page but It hangs “Establishing secure connection”. I can not enter user/password
  • chrome - all good

Note issue above with DNS happens with my ISP DNS and also with openDNS

I tried the instructions you provided, I pasted it under “Create Custom Filters”
I do get the full page but hangs and I can not enter user/password. It resolves after waiting 3 minutes or so and I can type password.
I run the performance analyzer but don’t really know what to look for.

ok, I think I figured based on feedback that @fanboynz provided on a different thread.
Before I had shield dissabled for login page. Now I enabled it and set it to aggressively block trackers and ads

Now works instantaneously